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Irtfa’a [Eert-FA-ah with a little lift in the middle]: from the arabic, means soaring

shown here is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Laci, colorway Thraven (from the raven clan group), available now at Blue Moon Fiber Arts

to purchase pattern or view pattern information, please check out the listing in our pattern shop

my sincerest thanks to tina for creating the inspiring, beautifully deep Raven Clan colors, and for asking me to design something with them; it has been a privilege to work together, and i hope we will again.
nan once again not only agreed to test knit, but fairly leaped at the opportunity, and once again has proven to be invaluable. and of course we can’t do any shawl pattern of consequence without vanessa, whose speed and experience (and enthusiasm!) make all the paper become real. vicki (also blogless) joined us from australia which was so cool because she knit whilst we slept and found all the stuff everyone else missed; you can’t really get much more coverage than that.
kate was instrumental in guiding me to just the right name for this piece, and i am grateful for her bottomless love of the arabic language (and her patience).

111 thoughts on “irtfa’a

  1. This photoshoot is so deeply gorgeous and inspiring… the spirit of your work shines through and the colors are amazing. Thank you for designing in my lifetime!

  2. When I grow up I want to be just like you!! I am enchanted with your work. The work here leaves me speechless-the lovely scarf around your neck, the shawl and the photography. You are a true talent and a gift to the knitting world.

  3. Well, I see I’m late to the party and there’s not much that hasn’t been said already. But the pictures are gorgeous and the design, well, it’s incredible. You totally rock.

  4. Oh Anne that’s gorgeous! Once again you’ve come up with a fabulous design. This ones going on my wish list and for once I think I’ll be using the yarn used in the pattern too. 🙂

  5. Wow!!! The Raven range is so right for your exquisite shawl, it’s simply fabulous.

    As a beginner to lace though I too am really interested in the little golden lace scarf around you neck, please do tell what it is 🙂


  6. Wow, as usual, I’m a bit behind. This shawl is absolutely amazing. I have been interested in faroese shawls, but haven’t attempted it yet. I would have no hesitation with your pattern, because I know it will be so well written and understandable. What a gorgeous shawl, just beautiful. That David sure does know how to work the camera!

  7. This beautiful work of art was just brought to our attention today. I am in awe of your patience as well as ability! Frankly, I’d like to make your lovely scarf, too.

    Congratulations on a job well done!!!

  8. I have been cruising the Shetland and Faroe shawl pages and drew to a halt when I saw this. I think I have found my challenge. Do you think this would lose some of its sharpness which is part of its beusty, if it were down in KSH Night in a silver?

  9. Thanks, Anne

    I am going to download the pattern now and order the Thraven yarn. The combination is just beautiful. Now, if I can get this made for next Christmas, I will be putting it with a deep deep purple long silk skirt and white silk shirt, if I get them sewn.


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