leaflet mitts and scarf

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mitts and scarf with allover leafy texture in two yarn weights . . . work it either way for any season. one is soft, lofty and cuddly, while the other is sleeker and more form-fitting.

shown above in knitting notions classic merino worsted, colorway sicily, or use one of catherine’s sock yarns for the lighter-weight version

shown below in sweet socks merino sock yarn from the sweet sheep wool shoppe, colorway shamrock

to purchase pattern or read complete pattern details, please click here to view the product page in the knitspot pattern shop

thank you very, VERY much to our two lovely dyers, catherine and michelle, who contributed the inspiring and beautiful yarns for these projects, as well as test knitting the pattern.
and to jocelyn who, as always, was an enthusiastic guinea pig for the pattern.
and kudos for rachel, too, who once again made sure all the t’s were dotted and all the i’s crossed.

done and done

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i am crossing things off my lists.
i am getting things finished.
and . . i feel really boring.

not that i’m bored, mind you (are you kidding? heck, i can entertain myself with bubble wrap). i just feel like i don’t have anything to talk about. of course, that could be due to this headache i’ve had for a number of days running—it feels like a hat, in fact, and a very heavy one at that. one that has a vise inside it (and dammit, all the ibuprofen migraine formula is gone).

it could be that so many things are in bloom

my dye garden runneth over. for real. you can’t see it very well but that is a planter, with sides. obviously, the dye plants don’t care about that . . they will go where they want. one of these days i will go out and clip all the flowers off to make dye with. sigh. it might not even be this year, but i will. in the meantime, i find the plants and their flowers offer plenty of eye candy as they are

i love this green santolina . . . its tight-fisted buds have been dotting the vivid green foliage for a couple of weeks now, pleasurable to look at in and of themselves.

but today, their little, itty bitty petals (or maybe florets?) started to umbrella outwards.
soooo delicate.

but anyway. so yeah, instead of getting distracted and running around forming plans to dye up 16 pounds of wool, all natural-like, i’m finishing projects that i said i would . . . only two sock mates left and one is underway. which means that another new one (or two) could be on my mind.

OH. speaking of socks.
remember these? and that awesomely perfect yarn they are knit from?

well, chris has her grace bamboo/merino blend yarn back in stock, and is offering knitspot readers a special chance to have first crack at buying some, along with a 10% discount. the yarn is not shown on the site’s main page, so if you’d love to score some, use this link to go through the back door for browsing and purchasing.

and she’s got it just in time, too; david likes his luxor socks so much that he has “talked” (wink) me into knitting another pair with the skein of grace chris gave to me at wooster

so another contrasty design is underway in my head.

now, much as i am being diligent, finishing scarves and socks and getting patterns finalized, i like to have some fun too. i like summery colors, summery fruits, and pretty flowers. and i have the perfect yarn for that

i know. you can’t tell at all what i’m doing with it yet, but this photo is strictly for drooling. you know what the name of this colorway is??

for real—look at it . . . . . now say it . . . GWAAAAH-va
yum yum, how summery it that?

this is a new yarn that one planet yarn and fiber is carrying from kaalund, called—ready—enchanté

and it is totally enchanting. there are a couple of colors that i love but this one really spoke to me (ok, it was more like this one licked it’s lips, smiled lasciviously, and winked . . . everything short of flicking its tongue). but who cares what its manners are? it’s di-vine.

(i cna’t help it wiht the flowers . . they just go.
because it’s a bit thin and slippery, i don’t think this will be a project i can grab-n-go with; i might have to keep this one at home to work on (no, really, that’s not an excuse not to share).

so i was thinking i would start another in the next few days with this

deb at fearless fibers has added this new merino/tencel blend to her shop, which has a beautiful drapey feel that i think will make an excellent scarf. my skein is the serenity colorway, but there are others beautiful ones. because it’s fingering weight, it will knit up very quickly while offering nice sheen and a rich hand similar to a silk blend. once i get it underway, we’ll let you know about a forthcoming kit for it.

did you notice that i have two pair of finished mitts and two finished scarves in the pile of done stuff at the beginning of the post?

(this picture sorta reminds me of ones taken when i was small, standing stiffly in front of some rose bush or other of one or more siblings, in scratchy stickout skirts and ties, squinting into the sun while an adult told us how cute we looked).

yup, all done, and i’m really satisfied—i like them both a lot. and you know what that means? we’ll have the pattern ready for release in a few hours. i just need to do some photo editing and choose a couple of nice shots.

yep, i better get to it; see you later.

fruit of our labor

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a rare sunny morning today . . . and the light is so pretty through these colorful leaves.
i manged to get some things potted up the other night in between rainstorms, which we’ve had plenty of these last few days.

which is good for that spinach i planted last sunday

but not so good for the asparagus crowns that arrived the other day and which i still have not gotten in the ground. if the sun lasts today, i’ll do it when my classes end this evening.

on the other hand, bad weather is always good for knitting

almost done. with luck, i’ll finish it up while teaching today. then we just need photos and the pattern will be ready. i’m thinking of doing a sock in this pattern . . not to be a bore, but i just like it so much, especially in this green. and with these monster skeins offered by michelle, i just might have enough left to do it.

(BTW, michelle’s husband, an arborist, fell from a tree about two weeks ago, and they could really use some good vibes to be sent their way.)

thank you to everyone who has emailed me to tell me to give my money away! there is still some cash in the matching fund though, and i’d really like to use it up. so, if you have a few bucks to give to claudia’s bike ride for MS (which is coming up this weekend), or have already given this year, please, PLEASE leave me a comment (you don’t have to say how much), and i will add $5 to it from the matching fund. i’m planning to send the funds in at the end of the week, so there are still about 6 days to help out if you can. thanks SO much.

now, sunday has become spinning day around here, due to the handspinning class we have been holding here at my house. this is great, because finally, i am getting some somewhat-regular spinning time in.

yesterday i made pretty good progress with this combed alpaca top i started a couple of weeks ago and have barely touched since (we didn’t have class last week). still, it’s getting done. and since it’s laceweight, it’s going to be rather slow compared to other projects i might be doing.

i decided though that one of the reasons i avoid spinning during the week is because my workroom is so cramped at the moment, due to the fallout from a construction project on the third floor (almost done, so a bunch of stuff got moved to my studio temporarily).

so yesterday during class, i made an executive decision to keep my wheel downstairs for a time to see if that will encourage me to spin a few minutes a day

with just a little bit of work each day, and sunday class time, i should be able to get all the alpaca spun up into enough laceweight for a shawl by the end of the month i think. not as much production as i’d normally expect from myself, but i do have lots of other things going on.

oooh, look what i saw in the tomato patch on saturday . . .

now i know what kind of tomatoes will be coming from the plants my friend kris gave me . . nice plum ones, mmm. and after further investigation, i also found these

now, if we could just get a few days in a row of sunshine, and maybe slightly warmer temps, we’ll be picking some of them soon. looks like last year i saw the first cherry tomatoes on the 21st of june as well, so we are pretty much on schedule if everything goes well. the big tomatoes are definitely earlier this year, but who know what will happen . . . it’s been chilly.

ok, gotta run; i have a class arriving very shortly . . . here’s something pretty to take away with you

leaflet redux

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with all the rain we had this week, my greens are grown to twice the size they were on sunday—i’m starting to think i’m over the hump with them and this year will be more successful.

while it was dark, chilly and rainy all week, i didn’t venture out into the wet garden; i concentrated on getting loads of knitting and pattern writing done indoors instead. most of the progress in on a project i can’t show you (dang!) but i am managing to set time aside for bloggable knits as well.

on wdnesday night i started the lighter-weight leaflet scarf in this smashing green yarn to work on while watching TV

and by the time i went to bed last night i had about 15 inches done on it . . . maybe i can get it done by the end of the weekend (oops, i shouldn’t say that too loud—my unfinished socks are groaning in unison).

i just love this colorway. it’s much, much brighter than i usually gravitate toward. everyone who sees it agrees; it’s completely and glowingly beguiling—it just misses being garish or unpleasant in any way and that makes it all the more charming (and maureen will be thrilled that i am getting some COLOR into my life!). i dunno . . . it just makes me happy; every time i catch a glimpse of it i laugh a little.

last night, while i was printing pattern orders, i got a call from my friend susie, who mysteriously asked if i was home (yes, i’m here . . .), and could she drop something off in a few minutes? i was like . . . sure. what could it be?

caladium, yay! she just happened to be at a garden center and saw them.
these are SO pretty too . . . they will brighten up that dark front stoop area beautifully.
(we have a heavy overhang of two maple trees right there that makes a cool, but very shady approach to the house; i like something with large bright leaves in that spot).
thanks susie! (and it was nice to meet larry too—he’s adorable!)

so, i have some yard work to get to tonight, and since it looks like the sun is here to stay, and things are drying out nicely, i’m committed. but i’m doing well with a two-hour rule on that; after two hours i pack it in and switch to knitting. so far, it’s working.

ok, gotta run . . . haircut today.