leaflet redux

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with all the rain we had this week, my greens are grown to twice the size they were on sunday—i’m starting to think i’m over the hump with them and this year will be more successful.

while it was dark, chilly and rainy all week, i didn’t venture out into the wet garden; i concentrated on getting loads of knitting and pattern writing done indoors instead. most of the progress in on a project i can’t show you (dang!) but i am managing to set time aside for bloggable knits as well.

on wdnesday night i started the lighter-weight leaflet scarf in this smashing green yarn to work on while watching TV

and by the time i went to bed last night i had about 15 inches done on it . . . maybe i can get it done by the end of the weekend (oops, i shouldn’t say that too loud—my unfinished socks are groaning in unison).

i just love this colorway. it’s much, much brighter than i usually gravitate toward. everyone who sees it agrees; it’s completely and glowingly beguiling—it just misses being garish or unpleasant in any way and that makes it all the more charming (and maureen will be thrilled that i am getting some COLOR into my life!). i dunno . . . it just makes me happy; every time i catch a glimpse of it i laugh a little.

last night, while i was printing pattern orders, i got a call from my friend susie, who mysteriously asked if i was home (yes, i’m here . . .), and could she drop something off in a few minutes? i was like . . . sure. what could it be?

caladium, yay! she just happened to be at a garden center and saw them.
these are SO pretty too . . . they will brighten up that dark front stoop area beautifully.
(we have a heavy overhang of two maple trees right there that makes a cool, but very shady approach to the house; i like something with large bright leaves in that spot).
thanks susie! (and it was nice to meet larry too—he’s adorable!)

so, i have some yard work to get to tonight, and since it looks like the sun is here to stay, and things are drying out nicely, i’m committed. but i’m doing well with a two-hour rule on that; after two hours i pack it in and switch to knitting. so far, it’s working.

ok, gotta run . . . haircut today.

19 thoughts on “leaflet redux

  1. That scarf is looking great — I love the color! It’s very cheery, and it’s going to look great on you, too 🙂 Yay for friends with calladium!

  2. I am now half wishing I did mine in green, but I can’t wear green..it makes me look yucky.
    The pattern is just beautiful though.

  3. All that lovely green!! I am waiting for the leaflet pattern, it is looking wonderful in all the different yarns too 🙂

  4. You must be the fastest lace knitter around. I just piddle along on lace.

    And what a garden! Wanna come and grow stuff for me?

  5. Wow…that green is….well you know how I feel about green. It’s wonderful!

    I almost picked up some Caladium last week after falling in love with it, but I just do not have any shady areas in my yard. It is such a beautiful plant!

  6. I am knitting mine in celery green from Knit Picks alpaca/silk. only problem – yesterday I spilt coffee….need I say more…..grrrr hopw it comes out when I wash and block.

  7. Such a happy green, makes one’s feet want to do a joyful jig. Isn’t it funny how some colors make a person smile? 🙂

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I donated to Claudia’s MS ride today. I wish I had more luck with plants and gardening. Yours always looks so pretty and yummy!

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