catching up days

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still picking stuff from the garden every day, but since i ignored some of the putting up work while i finished my stole over the weekend, i had lots to attend to the last couple of days. i promised myself that yesterday i would knit only on my sweater, as a reward for keeping to […]

same post, different knits?

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hopefully i’m not that boring. sometimes though, an item bears repeating, especially when dished up in a different, but equally amazing colorway in kim’s yarn is just awesome; i’m not sure this summer green is in her store yet but hopefully it will be soon. we will release the new stole pattern on wednesday i […]

blocking; don’t leave home without it

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i stayed up late friday night and finished knitting the stole. it’s always liberating to get a big project off the needles. and with yarn to spare ok, not so much. because i was knitting a hybrid size (tall width, petite length), i cut it a little close with the yarn i had (i had […]

80 rows to go

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the toad lilies have actually been open now for about a week; a little later than last year. i never notice exactly when they do open since this is the time when the garden does not bear close inspection (at least, not by me—by now i’ve let a lot go out there and it’s better […]