a little knitting, a little albany

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we are enjoying our mid-winter visit to albany in a variety of ways this week, including a trip to the movies on wednesday afternoon. my mom and my aunt helen have a standing date to see a movie once a week, something that david and i used to do, but never seem to keep up […]

the vote is in

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as i read through the voting comments, i thought, “oh no, this is gonna be close”. but then as day passed into night, maplewing started pulling ahead. and, as of 10 am this morning, maplewing it is! thanks for all your help and fun comments. there were so many that this one time, since i’m […]

my kingdom for a pocket

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a quick note before i get started on other topics: deb kessler tells me that this is the last week to sign up for the fearless fibers david’s christmas sweater to acquaint it with some long-awaited pockets (i know—shameful, right??). first, i marked out on the flat sweater the approximate size and placement i thought […]

awww, sugar, sugar

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it’s off the needles—finished up the shawl last night instead of working on the pattern, because i realized i couldn’t finalize things til i knew how the necked worked out. also, i’ve picked up some kind of sore throat thing and by 7 pm, it was all over between me and the computer; i needed […]