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as i read through the voting comments, i thought, “oh no, this is gonna be close”.
but then as day passed into night, maplewing started pulling ahead. and, as of 10 am this morning, maplewing it is!
thanks for all your help and fun comments. there were so many that this one time, since i’m on the road with limited opportunity for hooking up, i won’t answer each one (and really, i’m sorry not to!).

and BTW, we will SO use kaisermantel to name another piece—i really love that one. i also like the suggestion someone made about using it for a purple piece. hmmm.

yesterday we drove east all day in glorious weather (well, glorious and cold). the scenery was amazing as usual

we were maybe two blocks inot our trip when david remembered he hadn’t brought any of his shawls, so he turned around to go back for one (that’s oh! canada he’s wearing).

i worked on a sock when i wasn’t driving

this isn’t really a new sock design, but it’s one that i haven’t shown you yet—holidazed—that i designed for the december 2008 rockin’ sock club. you might have seen a couple of them on gail’s site, hehe. the pattern won’t be available to everyone til next year i guess (or maybe december 2009?) and then only through the BMFA store, but still, i thought it’d be fun to throw one on the needles for car knitting and to show it to you in another yarn.

i wanted to try out this cool newsprint colorway of shalimar yarns zoe that kristi sent me a little while back.

and i love the way it’s knitting up in this pattern.

it’s not as bold an effect as it is in the heavier sock club yarn, but it’s a good use of this busy variegated colorway. it’s so david.
the yarn itself is a dream to work with—it’s a 100% merino 3-ply with a firm twist that’s not overly soft; it has a dense, sturdy feel without being overtwisted. it offers nice, crisp stitch definition and i’m betting that it won’t pill or fuzz up easily.

i worked a little bit on my secret project last night while we watched a tree grows in brooklyn. i thought i had seen this film before (i read the book several times as a kid) but i hadn’t, so i was glad we watched it.

i put another repeat or two on my shawl as well, which is starting to look like a blob

i just love working with the yarn the colors are rich and gorgeous, the fiber is soft with a beautiful gleam. evelyn has posted a listing to pre-order the kit in case anyone is wondering. the kit includes a copy of the pattern and enough cambyx yarn to knit one of the three shawl sizes
i’ll try to get a better photo of my progress on it for the next post.

ooops—word just in that we are headed to the movies with my mom and my aunt. gotta run!

18 thoughts on “the vote is in

  1. my first time at being the first comment!!! love how you said “the scenery is amazing…” and then a photo of david!

    and aren’t you always still amazed at the blob- into- glorious- lace progression? no wonder we are all hooked!

  2. The RSC “Holidazed” pattern shipped in November 2008, so it should be available to the public in late November or early December of this year. It will depend on when BMFA gets around to adding the pattern to the online shop.

  3. I did not vote as I was pretty much offline yesterday, but I’m so glad it’s Maplewing. You get both the pattern and shape in one name. Happy trails!

  4. Oh, I’m really glad “maplewing” won. Gorgeous color aside, the lace motif seems to suggest both falling leaves and small, fluttering wings. You’ve got a name that really captures the essence of the shawl, I think.

  5. Well, David is amazing…what a find….have a safe trip. Can’t wait to see what’s cooking.

  6. That David…first he learns to knit on the sly and knits you a scarf…then turns around to retrieve a shawl you knit him for the roadtrip…What a sweetheart!!

    Love your Holidazed socks! They are the perfect non-human companion for a road trip! Are you finished with them yet?! 🙂

    Safe travels, hurry back!

  7. I would not have considered buying a yarn that was “black and white and red all over”, but it looks amazing knit up in the Holidazed pattern–much more delicate than I would have guessed. David looks great in his shawl.

  8. Love how David knows the importance of going back to get a shawl.

    And I have to give a shout out for your Holidazed pattern. So fun & so quick. It’ll be fun to see it in other colorways and yarn.

  9. Hi Anne

    I really like the Newsprint yarn. The way you have described it sounds a bit like a Shi Bui kind of twist in 100% merino. Would that be similar?

    I understand it may be quite some time before you have time for a reply.

    Socks look great.
    Have a safe drive.


  10. Good God, you are the Goddess of ALL shawl goddesses!!!!

    That Maplewing takes my breath away. AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    I HAVE to have it!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! The color is superb and the design, spectacular! There aren’t enough exclamation points for that shawl.

    And thank you for such beautiful creations!!!

  11. It was a fair race and Maplewing is a very beautiful name, too 😀 To be honest, I never thought you would pick up my suggestion because a lot of people told me that German always sounds kind of brutal and – as someone in your blog put it – “officer-like”. but I am nevertheless very happy you liked the name. Drop me a note when the Kaisermantel is on your needles, I would appreciate that very much 🙂

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