the dust is settling

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our cranesbill plants, which have spread throughout the perennials beds to blanket any bare space available, have burst into bloom in the last few days, producing the most luxurious pools of flowers. many of these are in their fifth or sixth year here and they just get better and better—a great investment of a few […]


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i love practical sweaters, but we also need sweaters that will dress up a pair of trousers and travel easily. i thought a little semi-fitted cardigan with a subtle texture would be just what was needed—it looks like a jacket, but feels like a sweater, with a flattering amount of shaping for any body type […]

yep, summer’s coming . . .

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it’s that time—poppies popped this weekend right on schedule for memorial day; how do they do it? i can’t help but snap one shot after the other of these gorgeous flowers. and the buds with their tight bundles of papery petals hahaha, speaking of paper, we had a very interesting morning here yesterday . . […]

let’s get dirty

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well, the garden is in—i’ve spent the last few evenings and and this morning cleaning up and getting all the plants in the ground. we reconfigured things yet again this year; david decided we weren’t making good use of the space we had so he plowed up a little more around the edges and made […]