local color

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i spotted a little tinge of pink on a few tomatoes today . . . and another little gift of rich, deep purple under the eggplant canopy. i know the garden always seems to come first in my posts lately (i try to change it up sometimes), but once that headliner photo starts the conversation, […]

spinning our road trip wheels

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before i talk about anything else, here’s the news we’re all waiting for: the lucky winner of this glorious basket of briar rose yarns and goodies goes to claudia’s ride for MS. and a special thanks to chris at erbette, which is a leafy chard that has a buttery, delicate texture and flavor and i […]

366 is the number

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you guys are the BEST—you deserve flowers! and i have just the ones; these freshly-blooming pink lilies are for you because the number of roger sock patterns sold through midnight last night is 366, and that’s a big number. my donation of the proceeds has been sent but stay tuned—on sunday we will draw one […]

just walk away and let it be

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flowers popping out all over our yucca plant. our little patch of yucca has only produced flowers every other year til now (which is normal for them), so i’m thinking that these blooms belong to a propagated plant that has finally matured, and that we might now see blooms every year. it’s always a surprise […]