weekend wrap

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the green beans i planted just before i left for sock summit are flowering—if the weather holds out, we might have a little crop of fresh beans before any frost hits. if the weather holds—it’s chilly here and last night, the air was positively frosty after midnight (and it looks so springy in the photo, […]

honey baby

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each new arrival deserves some fanfare—the songs of bees in the fields and ssh-ssh of summery grasses are gathered here in a soft shawl that provides just the right comfort and protection for a sleeping babe or toddler. knit in dreamy colors of superwash fingering wool, this piece will travel a little one’s life for […]

mental health friday

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with just a little paperwork that HAD to be attended to this morning, by 10:30, i was able to tell myself enough—it was all caught up enough that the rest of the day could be spent knitting (there is all of next week to work, honey). i finished up the seaming on the gray maze […]

the crafty man

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It is by losing himself in the objective, in inquiry, creation, and craft, that a man becomes something. – Paul Goodman every once in a while david surprises me yet again with a new venture he has undertaken. the other day when my knitting class was on the way out, we found a box on […]