mental health friday

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with just a little paperwork that HAD to be attended to this morning, by 10:30, i was able to tell myself enough—it was all caught up enough that the rest of the day could be spent knitting (there is all of next week to work, honey).

i finished up the seaming on the gray maze sweater and washed it to block—it’s drying on the porch now.

who says that stitch patterns don’t pop in dark yarn?? i just love this one—i’ve been wanting a charcoal gray sweater for years now and finally i’ve finished one. this will get tons of use—it’s light as a feather so it will work for several seasons of the year (i’m one of those people that wears sweaters from september to mid-june).

once i was done there, i sat down with the next piece that was nearing completion and by 2pm

my blue yarn cake was down to its last strands. after tucking in a few ends and measuring it up, i put it on to soak for a while while i checked email, talked to my friend vanessa for a bit, and did few things around the house (not like cleaning or anything, heh).

BTW, i just discovered that all of a sudden, all the comments are going into moderation before being emailed to me. i’ll look into why, but if you don’t see your comment right away, i’m still trying to figure it out . . . and it will appear as soon as i remember to look for it (which i haven’t had to do before so it’s not on my schedule exactly).

anyway, after an hour or so, i rinsed the stole and got to work stretching and pinning it out.

pretty! this is the superfine alpaca lace yarn called holding from a verb for keeping warm in colorway nightingale (not shown on the site, but very close to colorway dusk).

i know . . . you want to see that edging pinned out right?? i hear ya—i’ve been waiting months to see it myself; the thought of it has kept me knitting into the wee hours every night this week.

because it took me so long to knit (my fault and no one else’s; i’ve allowed myself too much distraction this summer), the pattern has actually been ready for some time—it’s all set to go except for some nice modeling shots, which we’ll take care of as soon as the stole is dry.

i can’t wait to try it out . . . now, what pin should i use with it?

it blocked out to a more generous size than i anticipated—not a lot, but nice, since i ran out of yarn before i finished the number of repeats i predicted i’d need. all’s well that ends well though; turns out that the 1085 yards i had was just right for the size i was aiming for. now that’s the right way to end a friday.

ok, that’s enough now; can’t spend the rest of my mental health day on the computer . . . if i leave now, i’d still have at least 6 more to knit hours before i need to hit the sack. yay.

24 thoughts on “mental health friday

  1. I can’t tell you how much I need a mental health day…but I can’t squeeze one in right now….LOL.

    Anne, I really really love that gray sweater. Gray is such a wonderful color to have in your closet isn’t it?

  2. Two wonderful pieces finished and blocking the same day! Is this a record? Will be watching for the modeling shots!

  3. OMGoodness, I have this exact yarn. Gee, it won’t be hard to figure out what I’ll do with it — and I love seeing the color “made up.”

  4. Now THAT’S productivity. And such beautiful products! My son starts school in a just over a week and I am already fantasizing about some mental health days for myself. Nice work!

  5. They’re lovely Anne. Hope you rewarded yourself with a good bike ride–two long term projects finished; so very worth the wait like most good things.

  6. Oooooohhhh…. Wow. That is absolutely stunning. I love it! What an edge. Must go raid the stash for something suitable 🙂

  7. The sweater is lovely (can’t wait to see it being worn), but I’m even more happy to see the finished Nightingale. It was worth the wait!

  8. Love, love, love the gray sweater. The shawl’s lovely, too, of course. The blanket modeled by the baby is fabulous. And on, and on. It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to visit. Your garden looks yummy, too. 🙂

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