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along with the amazing abundance of flowers we have this year comes an army of butterflies—all types, colors, and sizes. they seem to be concentrated out back, where the hostas are thick with blooms. they especially love the base of the huge old oak tree that shades that whole area—i’ve been noticing for the last […]

les abeilles

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the bee is an age-old symbol of royalty, deserving of the rich textures in this little shawlette, knit up in a luxurious, silky yarn. the beautiful stitch definition is built right into the motif, so it works well for drapey or bouncy yarn alike. beginning with the sculpted hem, this easy-to-knit piece is sure to […]

the color of midsummer

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happy midsummer weekend! i’ve been knitting my fingers to the bone, but i can’t show you any of it, groooaaan. well, maybe just one thing the baby blanket is growing, more than i thought. as i’ve worked on it bit by bit, it hasn’t seemed all that big, but suddenly, when i spread it out, […]

putting things away

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though i’ve spent a lot of time over the past few days getting on top of a bunch of patterns i needed to write, there has been some knitting and general wool activity in the house, too—i can only take so many hours of running numbers in my head before it breaks, heh. i have […]