hiding right in front of us

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it’s no secret that i hate secret projects; all that knitting and nothing to talk about on the blog. bleh. as a workaround, i’ve given myself license to gush about the yarns i’m using, without actually revealing the project details. i think that’s ok and i know you want to know . . . from […]

boots back on the ground

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this was the scene in my kitchen last friday morning, before i left for miami—the day dawned hot and though i hadn’t planned on putting up tomatoes before my flight went out, the very ripe scent filling the house told me i’d better. so i roasted and pureed and cooked and by the time i […]


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here it is—the potager lace stole, sister to the pea vines triangle shawl. i know that some of you have been waiting for this one, but i thought it would be fun to save it as a treat for my travel day, when i won’t be able to blog in person. potager is the french […]

gift from a garden

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just as i was starting to write this post, the mail arrived with all sorts of goodies, in time for my trip to miami tomorrow (it’s nice to get going away surprises the day before flying . . .) first off a beautiful box of garlic from our very favorite project bags), from her garden. […]