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here it is—the potager lace stole, sister to the pea vines triangle shawl. i know that some of you have been waiting for this one, but i thought it would be fun to save it as a treat for my travel day, when i won’t be able to blog in person.

potager is the french word for “kitchen garden” and here, the pea vines and trellis patterns form a vertical garden landscape along the stole length. knit up in fingering weight yarn, it’s the perfect thing for fall and spring (and fun to knit, too!). there is even a scarf version included, if a larger project isn’t within your time budget right now.

shown here, a hybrid of two sizes offered in the pattern—the tall width knit in the petite length—mix and match the pattern sizing to suit your own taste.

as with the pea vines triangle, this sample is worked in woolen rabbit pandora, a bamboo/merino fingering yarn, in colorway sweetheart (new this week on the woolen rabbit website).

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

this beautiful sample was knit by our incredible friend karolyn, who is always so enthusiastic; i can never get over how much she enjoys test knitting. when kim asked her which colorway of the pandora yarn she’d like, karolyn just couldn’t decide, so she told kim to “surprise” her. we all agree that this gorgeous shade of rose is absolutely perfect—it’s one of those colors that looks great on everyone (and pink is karolyn’s favorite, as it turns out). thank you kim!

and then there is my dear, wonderful friend beckie, who agreed to model the stole for us—doesn’t she look outstanding in it? she’s such a great sport and so fun to photograph; i just love her—and who wouldn’t??

(that’s my most favorite picture of the day)
thanks too to kian, too, who kept himself busy in my garden while we worked—you can catch a glimpse of him here and there, rummaging through the tomato vines looking for “wed wuns” (that kid eats tomatoes like they are going out of style, haha! oh yeah; they are, in about a month . . .).

how about ending with a few more beautiful shots of beckie?

24 thoughts on “potager

  1. love it! i’m excited that it can be scarf-sized; as i mentioned over on ravelry i’m about to start the autumn arbor stole, and i think that will be plenty of stole to knit for now. 🙂

  2. Anne, I’ve been waiting for this pattern! It’s even prettier than I anticipated from what I’d seen before. And Beckie makes a great model. Kim did a fantastic colorway.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip. And get your knitting done.

    I’m off to buy a pattern. Holiday knitting will get done, but I need this on the needles NOW. heh!

  3. I can believe that gorgeous colorway looks great on everyone, but it’s absolutely stunning on Beckie! Beautiful.

  4. Mmmmm……I don’t know if it’s the color, the size, the stitch pattern or some happy combination thereof, but this piece looks even more cozy than usual – and that’s saying something! 🙂

  5. OOOH…love it!

    I went and looked at the yarns suggested and I just happen to have some Sundara Fingering Silky Merino in the stash in a lovely spring green with hint of brown..I’m wondering if that variegation will be too much or just be a continuing theme of pea tendrils…

  6. Your blog is such a breath of calm for me right now. I am working way too much and reading your entries is really relaxing. So thank you.

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