i’m scared . . .

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omigosh, it’s the end of the month already—how did that happen? i’ve been home two weeks and i’ve accomplished practically nothing. and i’m going away at the end of march again, yikes—i gotta get my act together and produce some patterns . . . actually, i’ve cleared up a lot of busywork, which, as you […]


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it’s funny what inspires a design . . . when asked to create a pair of fingerless mitts for the my fair lady” themed kit, my very first thought was that i wanted to put a pleated hem at the cuff. why that?? i dunno—that detail just seemed to exemplify everything about a mitt that […]

charting a clear course

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yarn isn’t the only thing that arrives on my doorstep when i’m not home—i received a couple of nice books during my absence as well. this one by JC briar—JC is a talented tech editor, teacher, and designer who describes herself as a technique junkie and whose classes are offered at virtually every large-scale knitting […]

poll redux

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Hello All, firstly, thank you to everyone that recently participated in our club poll. Most endearing to how many of you found the time to assist in a bit of research, it was greatly appreciated. Sadly the poll was not configured properly, as a result the data was not terribly useful. To this end we […]