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it’s funny what inspires a design . . . when asked to create a pair of fingerless mitts for the Y4S NOT SO SOCK CLUB 2010 that would be appropriate for a “my fair lady” themed kit, my very first thought was that i wanted to put a pleated hem at the cuff.
why that?? i dunno—that detail just seemed to exemplify everything about a mitt that a victorian flower seller would wear.

as it turns out, that pleated hem is the most remarked-upon feature of the design—which brings a secret smile to my heart every time it’s mentioned, because it’s my favorite thing about them, too.

well, besides the yarn, that is—this year, i was once again paired up with kim from the woolen rabbit as my yarn collaborator and she came up with a color so fresh and true-blue that i was a little scared at how perfectly it matched the idea i was carrying in my head. every stitch of this project was a complete pleasure; it just sings out that spring is on the way, paraded in by with lady slipper, cornflowers, larkspur, lupine, campanula, forget-me-nots, and all of their blue, blue sisters.

shown here: size small, in woolen rabbit lucent, a merino/cashmere/nylon blend with a gorgeous sheen, in colorway lady slipper. it’s not in kim’s shop yet, but if you plan to attend SPA knit and spin this weekend, she will have plenty of this yarn and the pattern in her booth. everything will go up in the online shop when she returns on monday.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

you know, kim and i have collaborated on many, many projects by now, yet each time i am awed by our synchronicity. it’s as if we are seeing the project with the same set of eyes; she possesses a fearsome level of artistic insight and intuition (it actually sends a little shiver down my spine—but in a good way). thank you kim, for the way you open your heart and mind to possibility! if you haven’t yet been to kim’s shop, please visit—you will be enthralled.

we were so lucky to have phoebe and claudine on board to test knit this design; many thanks for their help and feedback on this pattern. we could not get along without their patience and good cheer for working with projects in progress.

once again, i must say that i’m blown away by the beauty of this photo shoot—david and kim really know how to make knits look great, don’t they?

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  1. OMG, Anne!!! It just keeps getting better and better. I’d like to be in your mind for just a bit to see your creative process up close. These are beautiful. Of course I’m buying this pattern as soon as I post this note to you.

    And I’ll be visiting the Woolen Rabbit on Monday to try to get some yarn (like I need more). This color is yummy and a perfect partner for this pattern.

    Kim is again a beautiful model and David, well David did his usual amazing photography. What an eye he has.

    Thank you, dear Anne, for another great pattern : )


  2. “Oh, so loverly sitting absobloominutely still
    I would never budge till spring crept over me windowsill”. . .

    Those are completely loverly. The Rabbit will need to get hopping on that dye pot – she’ll be selling bushels of ladyslipper.

  3. Really, really lovely! Just like you mentioned, the cuff is the eye catcher on this design, and the color is absolutely perfect. I plan on knitting these when I can spare a few moments. 🙂

  4. So I have a really dumb question. I see these fingerless mitts all the time. Are they supposed to be practical or just decorative? It’s my fingers that always get so cold.

  5. I have been WAITING for this pattern ever since I put these suckers on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pleat. These are just the sauciest mitts out there Anne. I am so excited to make them!

  6. Such beautiful mitts. The color and design really do complement each other. You are so creative and your designs are delightful. Thank you!

  7. Oh! They’re fully as lovely as anticipated. And I think for once, I’m actually going to order with the specified yarn. I agree that the yarn couldn’t be any more perfect for this design (plus I can always use an excuse to bring more Woolen Rabbit into my cupboard 😉

    Thanks for a beautiful design!

  8. Anne,
    I’ve been in Argentina for a month and am just now catching up on your blog. Thought you might enjoy knowing that the “tall ship” you passed near Borough Market in London is a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hinde. It was amazing to me to see something that is not much bigger than some motor homes and to think of the courage all must have had to undertake their adventures.

    As always, your blog, photos and patterns are inspirational. Happy Knitting.

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