let’s try this again

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i just couldn’t leave home without a lemon meringue pie success. i know—i’m unexpectedly obsessive, almost rigidly so, in regard to this pie. for most people this would not exactly be top ‘o the list for urgent things they MUST take care of before leaving home for 21 days but loose ends are loose ends […]

here today, gone tomorrow . . .

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in no time, it seems, i am once more making lists, tying up loose ends, and frantically gathering stuff into piles to prepare for another long trip. tomorrow is my packing day, because i’ll be too busy on monday to do it. tuesday is travel day, on a flight so early that i’ll be in […]

a quick thursday treat

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some of you may recognize these—i’ve been checking every day to see if they were up, but until today, no show. then, on this cold, colorless morning i looked out the kitchen window and saw rows of 5-inch sprouts, where there was nothing yesterday; how does that happen?? and look—every single one came up and […]

i love it

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i woke up early today and used the extra hour i had to soak the crooked walking shawl so i could block it—it’s been so long since i blocked something big and i was really looking forward to it. i was NOT going to blow the opportunity by rushing things. i plugged in my audiobook, […]