let’s try this again

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i just couldn’t leave home without a lemon meringue pie success.
i know—i’m unexpectedly obsessive, almost rigidly so, in regard to this pie.

for most people this would not exactly be top ‘o the list for urgent things they MUST take care of before leaving home for 21 days

but loose ends are loose ends and sometimes i just get a bee in my bonnet to tie them all up. plus, i had lemons in the house, a crust in the freezer, and my knitting class was coming over today—i know they love their afternoon treats.

many thanks to my friend nathalie (check out her new leaving) for supplying a good, working recipe. this is one i’ll go back to again; i love the way it’s constructed. i did add more lemon juice and zest after tasting the work in progress (reduce the water to compensate), which was met with sound approval by my knitting class.

which brings me to class projects

maureen and anne showed up with brand new sweaters, the freezing weather this week affording them one last round of sweater love for the year.

and though kris knits in the wednesday night class, i have a picture of her newest FO as well—a lovely vintage sweater for helena from a rowan book several years back. the persnickety finishing work in this piece nearly drove her over the edge, but she persevered and conquered it. just look at how lovely it is.

i’m going to miss my weekly classes when i’m gone!

speaking of going . . .

i got everything packed yesterday and WOW, what a difference that makes—today has been a breeze compared to my usual pre-travel day. i’ve actually been quite productive, having gone to an appointment, made a pie, got about halfway through a new pattern, held a class, and now blogging.
i even showered, haha.

the pattern i’m working on is for the eliza neckwarmer and scarf. i started the neckwarmer the other night and plan to take it along as travel knitting; it will make a nice totable project.

and here’s a little up-close view of the elephants on parade bag that i bought from michele last week; isn’t it adorable? i love the lining . . . more elephants.

the other night i moved the wasp and rose to a longer needle and since my phone was sitting right there, i took some craptastic phone pictures of it while it was spread out a bit between the two needles.

while i am getting a lot done on it this week, i know now why i rarely get anything accomplished with it while traveling; i have to concentrate see the stitches and read the charts in the best of light, and hotels hardly ever offer bright enough light for that. so it sits in my bag, unattended.

that said, you can guess that it won’t be coming along on this trip (pout). much as i’d like to say that i’ll work on it, i probably won’t. but i will promise to work on the pattern so that when i return, i’ll be in good shape to finish it up.

i’m going to miss david while i’m gone, but i have to say, i won’t miss this

that used to be our bedroom ceiling; now it’s a pile of refuse in the back yard, waiting to be put into a dumpster. just look at that black and blue stripe wallpaper—that used to be on our ceiling (and when we moved in, on all the walls as well).
can you spell D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-N-G?

and i won’t miss this either

this is our main bathroom, being prepared for demolition. this bath connects to our bedroom and is awfully handy (but not in this condition, of course, though the toilet is still working).

it is the next job on his list and he would have started it immediately after finishing the bedroom, but he’s been doing some urgent work for knitspot. and since i was home for just a bit, it made sense to hold off til i’m gone again (at least, it makes sense to me; i hate messes, except the ones i make).

once i fly off, he can tear into it to his heart’s content.

speaking of which, i’ve got to get up at o’golly o’clock in the morning so i’m going to end now. we’ve got lots of nice things planned for you while i’m traveling, not the least of which will be travel blogs. but also a couple new patterns and a couple surprises. i’m leaving home, but you can’t get rid of me that easily; see you on the other side.

35 thoughts on “let’s try this again

  1. Poor Wasp & Rose – left at home again. I do think she is the red-headed step-child of the projects. Just kidding, because I’ve tried knitting in hotel rooms and the light is HORRIBLE. So it’s best that she stays home and rests until you can come back to her.

    Besides you have plenty to keep you busy. Love that you’re doing an Eliza neckwarmer.

    And kudos to David for tackling all of the reno work. He’s a smart man to do it while you’re away from home. My husband would agree.

    Your pie made my mouth water. Yum.

    Looking forward to your on the road posts, Anne. Safe travels.

  2. Mmmmmm pie! Glad you conquered it before your trip! Looks like David will have enough to keep busy around the house while you’re gone, and you’ll have something to look forward to on your return…seeing the progress! Have a great trip!

  3. MM, pie…

    Safe travels – I can’t wait to see pictures from the trip and the surprises you have in store!

  4. gosh but that pie looks delicious!!!! yummy – and it’s 10:00 p.m. and way too late for a goody like that but I’m motivated to try to make it!

    I sure wouldn’t want to tackle that mess David and you are into on the remodel – whew – aren’t you lucky that you all can do that on your schedules?

    Have safe travels!

  5. I absolutely love and adore wasp and rose. That WILL be my next shawl project. (Aria Delicato was my last lace project, and it was glorious!)

    And I totally understand the loose ends thing. I made cinnamon rolls this weekend (which I have been wanting to do for weeks!) and my mom overbaked them. Argh! Now I know why I never liked my mom’s cinnamon rolls – she bakes them until they’re little bricks. Needless to say, another batch will be made soon – ooey gooey this time.

  6. Since you’re not paking the wasp and rose, feel free to use it’s space for a slice of that pie! It looks delicious!

  7. Bon voyage, Anne! I am looking forward to your travel blogs. Seeing and hearing about parts of the world through your creative eyes, photography and words is so much fun for me. Then there is the enticement of patterns and surprises on top of it all…can’t wait!

  8. I hope you’re bringing some scrubby clothes too. Those shawls are waaaay to pretty for dyeing in the studio 🙂 Looking forward to it!

  9. It’s hard to believe someone thought putting that wallpaper on the ceiling was a good idea! 😮

    The pie looks delicious and I can hardly wait for the Eliza neckwarmer – looking forward to the travel stories too!

  10. Aha – I can completely understand the lemon pie perfection obsession. I wouldn’t want to leave my guy with that big demolition project without some sort of delectable treat either. Your pie looks fantastic… the meringue… perfect!

    The peak into your traveling trunk show is very enticing. I think it’s something only a knitter could appreciate. I just wonder what the TSA would think if they opened and inspected your suitcase. Hehehe.

    Good luck!

  11. Lemon is my favorite flavor. Love that suitcase of goodies. Sounds like you’re leaving just in time. Hope the demolitions go great and everything gets finished ahead of schedule. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

  12. I see the filling set well–and a nice meringue, too. Good thing you are traveling as bathroom demolition/construction is the worst. Love the elephants. Happy travels and when you return it really will be spring!

  13. Oh have a great trip Anne! The pie looks wonderful. And of course I think Helena’s sweater is gorgeous on her! I have to chuckle at your bathroom pictures. . . . poor David; getting left home to do the dirty work. But he loves that stuff, doesn’t he??

  14. Phew, glad the pie was a success! I would have hung my head in shame if it was a disaster.

  15. That lemon pie looks amazing, perfect meringue top and lush deep base.

    Looking forward to your travel blogs, they are always a good read.


  16. From the looks of your bathroom, I can see why getting a shower is such an accomplishment! 😉
    Lovely FO’s – your students should be very proud of themselves…and of you….and you of them…

  17. Lovely pie-I’m not a meringue fan, but the lemon looks yummy! For help in dark hotels–someone in my knit group had a little AAA battery-powered flip up Ott light that sits on a table. It was about 8″ high-might be a good travel companion. She said it was $20.

    That wallpaper was pretty horrid! And speaking of bathroom remodels-I came home from work one day, desperate to use (the only) bathroom and the toilet was sitting in the middle of the living room floor…

    Happy and safe travels Anne!

  18. Can’t wait to meet you, Anne, and to see all that packed lace loveliness at the DFW Fiber Fest. I’ll be a student in three of your classes there–and I’m so excited!

  19. That pie looks amazing (and I bet it tasted amazing too!) I’m wishing you happy and safe travels, and problem-free DIY for Mr Knitspot, so that you can return home to a new bedroom and bathroom.

    PS I’m curious – how old is Helena?

  20. Bon voyage! I’d love it if someone were remodeling my house while I was gone (if only I could be sure that all was done to my satisfaction upon my return).

  21. Looks like you totally nailed it on the lemon pie. Yum!!

    I hope David still has time to knit with all his demo work. How great that all the mess will be happening while you are gone. Good planning!

  22. That pie looks wonderful! Congrats on the success 🙂 And I am adoring that lace shawl – the motifs go together so beautifully.

    Good luck with the travelling (and good luck to David with the reconstruction!). 🙂

  23. Pie looks awesome. Mom used to make a great lemon pie – brings back great memories. Any chance Nathalie would share her recipe with the rest of the world?

    And you are one smart lady to be leaving for the construction project.

  24. You are so productive to fit so many activities in one day. I would not be able to survive a day like this. Have a good trip & I am getting excited about the surprises…..

  25. Pie looks great. I love lemon meringue pie. I really need to make one.

    Have a wonderful trip and hope you bathroom is well on the way by the time you return home.

  26. David is such a good sweet boy to get stuck into that demolishing while you are gone!

  27. Have a wonderful trip! And when you get the chance, please post the new lemon meringue recipe.

    That purple sweater on Helena is fab-u-lous. As are the elephants!

    Oh, a question maybe to address for a future blog: How often do you find you have to re-block lace shawls? Your packing photo got me thinking about it. Unlike you, I don’t enjoy blocking so I groan when I see that over time, my once-lovely, crisp edges are becoming smushed out and messy. I have yet to re-block any of my (few) lace shawls, but I really should.

  28. Wow….David has a big project ahead of him but it will be so nice to have a new bathroom! I can’t wait until Ken starts ours. 🙂

    Have a wonderful and safe trip!!! LOVE Helena’s new sweater, she looks darling in it!

  29. pie looks lovely even tho lemon meringue isn’t my favorite.

    My solution to poor lighting, sometimes even at home, is a headlamp. I bought(cheap, at Walmart) it for cruise on a small schooner, but it has been wonderful for making light for knitting and even once for gardening after dark! (I had a few plants to transplant and the day got away from me!)

  30. ohmigoodness you got so much done while i was cavorting in rome! and the lemon pie looks perfetto!. cannot wait for that whitfield shortie pattern for my grandson and wasp and rose and and and.
    have a fabulous time at camp!

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