get a little lost

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i know you come here for the knitting first and foremost, so i’ll start off today with some yarny chat. i haven’t meant to be  tease, keeping you in suspense about the new yarn we are testing out—just wanted to see if you could guess. a couple of you did well, in fact—sharon came the closest, […]

in out of the rain

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and out again. for tuesday there were predictions of thunderstorms and rain all day, so i took a rest from running and worked instead. when no bad weather had materialized and it looked like the sun was out for good, i headed out for a late afternoon exploratory walk. naturally it poured. maybe i was ten or fifteen […]

Show Me The Green!

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Happy Summer, guys!  It’s just beautiful out there!  The sun is shining, the sky is clear, the grass is green.  I think the only thing that would make this day better would be if I was sitting pool-side as I write this post.  Oh, and if the pool boy/cabana boy was super cute with six-pack […]

the friendly skies

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it took several days after TNNA to sort out and process all the many conversations and developments of the weekend. i had just barely begun organizing all that information when i realized it was time to repack my suitcase and get out the door to my next destination. i had hoped to be a bit relaxed […]