how much of a heel am i?

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the mail goddess brought great stuff today, and good thing, too, because none of my knitting is that much further along to wow you with. i did get a bunch done on the orchid scarf in classes today, but i won’t have nice picture til tomorrow. so we’ll just have to make do with some […]

this makes me happy . . .

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(swiss chard, karen. she knit Cook’s Garden—they have a great variety, and as you can see, it looks like every single seed sprouted, because i “sowed thinly” as directed on the package. i’ve stayed away from planting seeds for the first few years of our garden, because i did not trust that my farmer genes […]

no time for socks

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poor socks have been almost completely ignored this week. between the garden and the big knitting projects, the poor little guys have suffered. maybe this week they will see more action. mystery project gave me a run for my money this week. it’s a good-sized piece, you know, and on thursday, when i was about […]

come to bed

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it has been one of my busiest weeks. an influx of new pattern business (YAY!!), a ton of email, and trying to get the garden in—all in addition to the usual work and teaching load—has kept us moving from dawn to dark, and then some. but it’s worth it, and will continue to be worth […]