YAY!! i get to blog today

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can you tell i’m jonesin’? i miss my writing . . . i have not allowed myself to even think about blogging this week til now. i’ve been buried deep in the pattern writing trenches. very deep. that is, when i’m not doing my job, which has been hectic this week. i have these documetns […]

we have raffled

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wow, what a drive to the finish. you guys awe me. it’s not just the money . . . it’s the speed and the humor with which it is delivered. claudia wants a few MORE bucks?? you respond with a few THOUSAND more. it’s just. so. great. thank you. as a special treat for today, […]

oh . . . yawn

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flower of the day: eggplant i am SO tired these last few days. i’m trying not to be a pill about it but man, something has whupped my a$$ good this week. of course, it could be the hours i’m keeping . . . but then, how can one waste time sleeping when there is […]

fight or flight.

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dear bee shawl, you and i have become quite an intimate couple this month—so much so in fact, that i can totally understand your shameless, wanton advance on my man, and even forgive you. after all, i’m sure i’ve led you to believe that we can, indeed, share all things. i think you have a […]