tricks or treats

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i know you’ve been wondering why i’m holding out on you. you’ve been dying to see THAT photo and i haven’t shown it yet. but this season i waited til the setting was absolutely finished and perfect before i took it for you. and you will not be disappointed. and that day came on sunday, […]

a good long think about it

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some things just don’t come easy. and then . . . some do. when faroese. BUT i know how you all feel about rectangles so i am seriously considering doing both. in fact, i have pretty much decided i will. in october, i received my yarn, so i decided i should start swatching . . […]


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Cluaranach shown here in kit available now at pattern shop cluaranach (KLOO-ar-un-awk): from the scot’s gaelic, meaning “abundant with thistles” The prickly purple-flowered thistle has been the national emblem of Scotland for hundreds of years. According to legend, this plant (known as the armored knight of the vegetable kingdom) thwarted a silent night invasion by […]

the next big thing

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can you believe this? i am still collecting vegetables from my garden. mostly it’s just enough for a meal every two or three days, but wow; none of our past gardens have offered up goodies for this long. this is how my tomato patch looked this morning. the temperature went down to 30 last night. […]