i love this hat

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is it wrong to tell everyone that i love something i made? i know it’s not necessarily socially acceptable except in the company of other knitters, but is it really wrong?
because i do like this hat so much. maybe even as much as i like the matching mitts.

please excuse the self-executed photos—i just couldn’t get david out of bed for this today.

right now i’m calling this set lacunae, which is a really cool word i learned in college. my first year, i went to a nursing program (i know—long story, but suffice it to say that though i loved the book work and the patients immensely, fitting into a hospital hierarchy in the 70s was not meant to be) and one of my favorite subjects was anatomy and physiology. this is just one word i learned in that class that i’ve always remembered—i love the way it rolls off the tongue and how it sounds so much like what it is. it’s one of those words that you can guess the meaning of just from listening to it pronounced slowly. i think of lacunae as little space cocoons.

which is what this knit fabric is

yum; i can’t wait to wear them.

i also finished the second spiraluscious mitt and it’s been soaked and dried

what a difference from this, eh? never underestimate the power of blocking for putting a nice finish on a knit item. have i showed you the back of the glove lately?

so we are all set except for some nice pictures.
and ps, i think i’m going to keep that sock i was obsessing about yesterday. i might knit it up in another yarn for the actual pattern photos, too. we’ll see . . .

ok, i hate to cut this short, but my cousin just called and we decided to meet at the art museum in a little bit, so i’m gonna dash. hopefully, there will be something bloggable going on there.

25 thoughts on “i love this hat

  1. Then you would appreciate my favorite nursing school word: borborygmi. Talk about rolling off the tongue! Some day I aspire to make that word in a scrabble game.

  2. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving that hat and saying so! I think I remember that you have trouble finding hats that suit you, which is one more reason to say as much as you want how much you like this one!

  3. I’m glad to hear your keeping yesterday’s sock. I thought the striping reinforced the pattern in just a slightly off-the-beat manner, which was interesting.

    And I do like lacunae – so simple yet so striking.

  4. There definitely is not a thing wrong in saying you love something you knit! What a great set that will make. Have fun at the museum.

  5. You should be proud; that’s a fabulous hat! I’ve been on a hat kick these days, and I decided that I need to make one for the boyfriend as his Christmas prezzie. I think I’ve found just the one… Well, hopefully; you’re publishing this pattern, right? 😉

  6. nope, nuthin’ wrong with lovin’ what we make. In fact, I think it almost a requirement.
    I love that little hat (although I might still call it my little acorn nut) heh heh
    and the mitts are stunning. wow.

  7. i love all what you are creating, anne. And i am still waiting for the new patterns. in germany it is really cold at the moment and i need this pretty mitts….

  8. Nothing wrong with saying you love your hat! I love it too! And I also am glad you are keep the sock.

  9. Do you think one skein of the Fourth of July will be enough for the Hat, mitts and scarf? Briar Rose is having a sale through today and I might get a skein!

  10. OMG…you are killing me with these projects. Very rarely do I get excited about mitts……but I am virtually drooling over these. Anne, they are gorgeous!

    The hat reminds me of my favorite Tesserae’s 🙂 This will be a fun hat to knit for Jean’s hat drive.

  11. Lacunae – good name for a great-looking hat.

    And there absolutely is nothing wrong with being pleased with the work of your hands and being able to say so!

    The spiralucious mitts are lovely. What a wonder blocking is – the power in a little water and a little rest!

  12. Well if lovin’ it is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. lol. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. It’s an awesome hat! The mitts are beautiful as well.

  13. LOVE the hat……my favorite “phrase” in nursing school eluded to the fact the the head of the femur articulates in the acetabulum of the innonimate…………… and my physiology professor actually was enchanted with the human body……..

    And yes – SELF complements are always acceptable –

  14. Hello Anne!!

    Are the lacunae mitts and hat patterns going to be available for purchase before the holidays? They are FABULOUS! Just wondering…and thank you! Corinne

  15. That is a great hat! If I had made that, I would definitely tell everyone how much I love it. (Actually, I go on about how much I love my handknits all the time!)

  16. Lacune is also a word in French. We use it to denote the absence of an object, when something’s missing. A little trivia for your Tuesday afternoon.

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