that’s a lotta projects . . .

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oh, the heartbreak of startitis (and the glee . . .)
this is purposeful startitis though; now i have plenty of small projects underway to bring on my trip this week. having them on the needles and a few rows in makes them so much easier to tote along. it will still take time to get all the patterns written up but i’ve been working on that too.

we are leaving for albany a day earlier than we originally planned because the weather for tuesday is looking better than the weather for wednesday. which means that now i have to pack and get organized this evening—probably good, since i’d almost surely cast on yet another project, given the time.

i honestly don’t know how many of these will get completed over the long weekend, but i’m hoping at least half of them will. i have several mitts there and a hat, which should require only a couple of hours each to finish off. my cabled scarf is a slow-moving project even when i devote whole evenings to it, but that’s ok; the comfort of holding it and the fun of working the cable outweigh the lack of speed.

i have one new sock which i’ll tell more about when i have a little bit more completed; another sock is all set for casting on, so i’ll probably just grab some yarn to take along for that in case i need it (you never know).

the newest thing i have underway is a mitt/hat/scarf set in the briar rose fourth of july yarn i showed a picture of the other day.

i swatched over and over to find just what i wanted for these pieces and i think i found it

it’s a rib pattern that has crossed stitches which looks perfectly non-eventful in it’s relaxed state

(excuse the horrid lighting—it’s been as dark as evening here all day and we had to add electric lights or the photos.)

almost homely, it is. but the when our lovely hand model anne marie donned the glove in class this morning it was transformed. we all ooohed and aaahhed as it opened up

what i like about it, besides that nice deep texture, is that the fabric is dense with a firm hand, which should keep it from losing its shape or letting the wind through. the little windows formed by the fabric will trap heat against the skin for a snuggly-warm feeling.

it’s a nice, neat look that anyone could wear, in a yarn weight that’s warm, but not too warm.

we had a nice moment in class this morning when susan finished her first sweater (actually, it needs a crochet edge, but all the knitting and seaming are done)

it’s a gift for her granddaughter, but susan says it gives her a big feeling of accomplishment, so it sounds as if she got a nice surprise from it too. isn’t it cute? it’s from the berocco comfort collection. she did a beautiful job, didn’t she? this is her first project with shaping and with seams and sizing, so there was a lot to keep track of.

well, the day is just zipping by (actually the whole month is, no?), and it looks like i have another class arriving in a few minutes so i’m signing off for now. next time we meet i’ll be in the capital district.

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  1. Hooray for Susan! I remember the accomplishment of my first sweater, even though it doesn’t quite fit… learned a lesson about the importance of row-gauge with that one!

  2. I like the textured mitt above and look forward to the whole set.

    Have fun in Albany – and if you have a chance, eat at a Mr. Subb! I have a good blog-friend who works for them. 🙂

  3. I love the mitt-it is very similar to your Tessarae sock pattern that I’m working right now.
    Good travels!

  4. Happy Turkey Day, Anne! I love the new mitt. What is the little light gray swatch at the bottom of the picture. Okay, then what is the darker gray? Love those! Have a safe trip. We’ll be here, waiting, when you get back.

  5. Love seeing all your projects and I can’t wait to see the pattern for the mitt. My long holiday knitting will be the honeybee stole which is, I have to say, is one of the most enjoyable items I have ever knitted. And I have been knitting a long time. Thank you for writing such a beautiful pattern. I’m well into the second half (thank goodness since it is a Christmas gift) and will be just a little sad when it is completed. Unless I make one for myself, of course.

  6. That is a beautiful whack of knitting you’ve got there, and I love the mitt – in its opened-up state it reminds me a little bit of the paris-roubaix ones that Rick loves so much. Travel safely!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Don’t you just love travel knitting? It’s like “found time”, somehow stolen. I, too, knit things to the “right” stage for knitting in the car.

  8. Hmmm – we’ll be heading to the capital district from the opposite direction tomorrow. I always feel like I’ve come home when I see view of the city coming west on 90 . . . On a more important subject – I can’t wait for you to release the pattern for those mitts. Extra warmth is exactly what I need since it became winter overnight in New England.

  9. Gonna be in Albany? How long? The new projects look fun, I’ve been diligently working on old stuff and trying to NOT cast on new things.

  10. Oooh, just look at all those fun knitting projects lined up! I love having the cast-on and the first few rows/rounds all set up and waiting for me. Enjoy! Safe trip and Happy Thanksgiving. (Enjoyed reading your Loopy Ewe interview, too!)

  11. Oh, what a cool surprise with the mitt! I saw something a little “weird” on the unstretched version, but had no idea what was going on. How nifty!

    And hooray to Susan for her first sweater! That’s very impressive, indeed.

    Have a safe trip!! Enjoy being with family. 😀

  12. Gorgeous colour yarns!
    Anyway, I am feeling smug because I have been finishing all my projects with a vengeance ROFL Some light blocking to do and then full speed ahead on DH’s sweater… I’m here to tell you that yes, blogs inspire 😉
    Always look forward to you starting new stuff and seeing how it develops…
    Enjoy your trip, drive safely!

  13. That mitt is great! THANK YOU for the wonderful STR club pattern…can’t wait to cast on! It’s a perfect compliment to the yarn. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Now I don’t feel so bad about all the projects I have started right now– 2 Elm Rows going, one in fingering because I couldn’t find the lace weight I wanted, and then I found it, so had to start that one, too. My Autumn throw is one more ball of yarn from being finished (in greens and browns) it’s a Chrismas present, and another Cloverleaf mitt set, for my daughter, and a lace cowl for a present as well. But I don’t knit nearly as fast as you seem to!
    I want to know what that pile of laceweight is going to be in the bottom left corner– not that I can keep up with all of your beautiful lace, I think I’ve got 4 that I want to knit already…
    Safe trip and happy holiday!

  15. Lovely pile of choices of WIP’s. I always like to have a choice when I’m traveling. You never know what mood will hit ya 😉 Have a great holiday and safe trip!
    Lovely mitt! Yay for hand models!

  16. The new mitt looks like a tree on one’s hand! Wonderful.

    I just finished Cluaranach: I’m filled with a sense of accomplishment, but yowza do I hate grafting.

  17. Hee-hee….I did the same thing for our little jaunt to southern CA. I think I packed 4 already started projects plus 4 skeins with associated patterns…I’m actually working my way through them all!

    I’m loving the new mitt set you have started…I have the perfect yarn for it!! 🙂

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Safe travels!

  18. Hi, Anne! The colors in the Briar Rose yarn and the stitch pattern are an absolutely gorgeous combination. And I agree, when the stitch pattern opens up on the hand, coming together with that beautiful yarn, it’s a magical moment. Just wonderful… Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Your mitt has a hidden beauty ! 🙂
    It looks wonderful and super warm, just what I am looking for.
    Have a wonderful weekend !!!!

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