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i was so completely consumed with getting my sweater finished over last weekend that by monday, when i finished it, i felt as if i’d been dumped off the back of a truck in the middle of nowhere, in dire need of getting my ducks in a row.
landing back in the here and now after traveling in its spell, i realized that i had a trip to get ready for and almost no small projects on the needles to take along.

more on that later—wanna have a peek at the sweater? david took a few snapshots of me wearing it yesterday

the waist height is now much more what i originally intended it to be; it even looks a tad high at the moment, but i haven’t washed the sweater yet and i’m almost certain it will grow a little in length once it gets wet.

the neckline is exactly what i wanted, yay. i have a troubled relationship with v-necks—i love the open feel of them, but don’t have a nice broad chest shelf to support them beautifully. too long or narrow and they make me look scrawny; too high and they look childish; too wide and they de-stabilize the shoulders. i love this one though; i could wear this sweater with or without a top underneath or add a scarf instead.

i wore it all afternoon and evening yesterday and i’m taking it on my trip this weekend. it has a nice hourglass shape without being tight—i think this would flatter many figures. grandma’s blessing yarn knits up in a wonderful weight for fall and spring, or for wearing with dressier outfits.

i’ll wash it when i get back to get a final beat on the fit—i expect a tiny bit of lengthening but i don’t think the width will change. and now i also have a pattern to prepare for the test knitters so this one is off to the races.

before i get started on today’s knitting news, i want to mention that my friend teyani, the intrepid fiber wizard, is raising money for a special cause and throwing in a raffle of lovely prizes at her blog to spur donations. if you feel the urge to do commit a random act of kindness in the next little while, please click here for more info and consider her fundraiser as a recipient.

like i said earlier, i had been focusing so intently on the sweater that i was a little unmoored when i finished; i needed to migrate to a new head space and get organized. i had no new socks on the needles and only one lace project that is almost complete

i’m working on the last repeat of my fernfrost scarf now. the pattern is all set to go and just waiting for a nice photo. i may decide to add one more repeat just to use up the yarn i have—this cashmere is too wonderful to leave as leftovers. this pattern will be released in may after the fearless fibers club kits have gone out.

what to do about a lack of small, portable projects?? nothing for it but to cast on a couple of socks and maybe a scarf. which works out perfectly with my need to stock the guys’ side of the sock shelf with footwear for next fall.

a swatch of this fun, somewhat-open pattern convinced me that in the right yarn, a new manLace sock should be in the works. the garter accents and moving geometry of the pattern make the colors in the yarn jump, and give the fabric the hefty feeling that i like in a man sock. in sturdy briar rose grandma’s blessing, this is one that david will love (but he might have to fight my brother for it, heh). there’ll be much more of this to see in a few days’ time.

i also cast on for a girly sock with some woolen rabbit bambino, colorway mama mia, to celebrate spring. you can’t tell yet what the pattern will be, but i think what i’ve chosen really marries well with the yarn and colors.

i don’t have any bamboo socks yet and i’m dying to for a pair. this is a fine merino/bamboo blend that will make a wonderful three-season sock. it has a nice twist that offers beautiful stitch definition and isn’t at all snaggy or splitty. love that. it also makes beautiful mitts—though i haven’t used it myself for that, kim has done so and they are lovely.

i’m also trying like crazy to get another scarf on the needles with this creamy, soft singles from valerie and karen at mountain meadow wool mill. i told them i’d design something with their yarn before TNNA in june. better get moving, eh? this is really lovely yarn—soft and not overly processed, it has that wonderful feel of fresh-picked goods—but clean, ya know? and isn’t there something so purely wonderful about this natural cream?

working with this yarn right now coordinates very nicely with a new offering from briar rose—chris has starting dyeing this very same yarn base in her own color palette, so you can get it in full, deep color as well if you like.

this is her harmony merino fingering weight yarn (that’s a back door link; you won’t see it on her home page yet, but it’s coming soon). this yarn reminds me very much of the yarn i used for cluaranach, which i just loved. it has just enough lofty fuzziness to feel super-cozy, against-the-skin soft, but not so much that it obscures the stitch definition. we’ll be knitting it up into something special very soon.

whaddaya think—do i have enough planned to take on my trip, eh? two socks (plus the holidazed mate i have in my tote already), a secret small project to knit in my room, a scarf, . . . . yes, that might be enough (because you know i’ll throw in one last thing as i’m leaving).

with all those projects, how do i get them from here to there and back again safely?? well, my friend michele has solved that one for me. she sent me the cutest set of project bags

how’s that for a knockout color combo? i just love these organizers—the large bag is big enough to fit a scarf project or a couple of socks, but lightweight and compact enough to fit in a tote or overnight bag easily. it also has elastic straps inside to secure needles and hooks. the small pouch holds tools, scissors, and all manner of ephemera safely, to protect your project fabric and keep things tidy. she stitches them up in a variety of attractive fabrics with coordinated linings, zippers, and handles. the cherry on top are the artisan glass beaded zipper pulls.

you can browse michele’s selection in her etsy shop, 3 bags full; she also sells them at her LYS and local gallery in brooklin, maine.

the best thing of all?? they are the perfect accessory for my favorite knitting tote

(a gift from susan, who scored hers at the lancome counter in macy’s—susan i use it ALL the time). it’s hard to get lost in a fiber fair when you’re sporting colors like this.

yesterday’s mail also brought some new-to-me yarns from dani at sunshine yarns.

that classic sock yarn (top ) is going to be so great for a guy sock that i can’t be selfish and keep it for my own (even though i want to). another one they’ll fight over. the sunsilk laceweight is incredible—a little heavier and toothier than some other silk laceweights i’ve used, i am very much looking forward to knitting with this. i’m on a strict schedule right now so it will be a while before i can test drive it, but believe me, the wheels are already turning. is that mustardy gold not aMAZing? thank you dani!

well, i’m off tomorrow for the wild blue yonder. i’m hoping i’ll be able to blog from the spring fling headquarters (and i know i’ll want to). it’s really a matter of how well i’ll be able to navigate getting online there.

see you in st louis, then.

33 thoughts on “migrating

  1. Being that orange is one of my very favorite colors, that tote is superb! Your sweater is terrific…love how it drapes and snugs all at the same time. There are never enough projects when we decide that the perfect project is just around the corner! Have fun! Look forward to reading from your awesome upcoming trek.

  2. Wow, now I don’t feel so bad having so many wip’s myself lol. I can’t wait to see the mamma mia socks, I need to get that color in my next order.

  3. You have talked about one particular maker of shawl pins in the past, could you let me know their name? I know I have looked at their site before but I can’t remember their name now that I want to buy one! Thanks.

    I love the sweater, the texture in it is great.

  4. OMG goody, goody, here comes the “RED” sweater!!!!! Oh me, oh my – love the bags…have a safe and great time 🙂

  5. That sweater is a beauty! So after looking at all of the projects going with you, I’ve determined that you don’t plan on sleeping at all while you’re gone…lol. I hope it’s a great trip-looking forward to hearing about it on the flipside.

  6. Doesn’t it bother you that so many people just give you so many free items? I have followed your blog since the first of the year and I am just amazed at this event. I would feel very odd if I were in your predicament but you seem to almost expect it. I assume you adore it or you would politely ask others to not to. Do you have advice to offer others who may be in similar circumstances but are uncomfortable receiving such items? Thank you, Lillian Burge

  7. The sweater looks GREAT! I’m so glad you are delving into some sweater patterns. :). I’m really anxious for the release of your frost fern scarf…..I love the frost patterns!

  8. I have 1200 yards of Grandma’s blessing in the stash! Mouhahahahaha!!! This sweater will be mine, oh yes it will.

  9. Goodness, you make yarn look so delicious. I have wandered off and bought from a whole bunch of your favorite indie yarnistas, and I have not been sorry once. And, the collar on that blue cardi could not be any more awesome! I’ve been waiting for the pattern ever since you made the red one. Love, love, love.

  10. Wow, I love that sweater. Can’t wait for the pattern. I’ve been hoping you’d branch out into sweaters as the one’s you’ve shown on your website are really terrific. I hope you’ll also publish the one you’re working on with the cables up the sides. That’s my kind of sweater. I have quite a few of your shawl patterns and have just finished Caricia. So I’ll also be getting Fern Frost as soon as it comes out. Keep up the great designs.

  11. Beautiful sweater! Mountain Meadows wool looks similar to Sweet Grass Wool, spun from Targhee fleece in Montana. I have purchased many yarns from them. They do offer single ply cones. Their natural yarns and fibers are sooo soft! They are mule spun in Canada. http://www.sweetgrasswool.com/store_natural.html
    Will look forward to your report re Spring Fling.

  12. Oh, wow, wow! I am so in love this that sweater!! How much longer do I have to wait?!! The scarf is beautiful, as well. I just love everything!

  13. I’m glad to hear that you’re taking as many projects as you are. Everyone on the Rav Fling boards who went last year keeps saying not to take a ton of projects because we’ll get very little knitting done! That sounds so counterintuitive to me…I mean, it’s a knitting retreat! LOL Right now, I’m planning to bring two sock projects and a pair of mitts to work on, and I assume I’ll have things to work on after I take the classes too. Can’t wait! 🙂

  14. I love the look and description of your new sweater pattern. I know it’s not officially on the market yet, but could you share how much yarn is needed so I can go ahead and order the grandmas goods to have it ready to cast on?

  15. That sweater is just so, so lovely. I’m eager to be able to purchase the pattern…I have similar problems with V-necks and yours looks just perfect!

  16. I have been out of touch with Blogland for some time, but I’m happy to have seen this post and this great sweater! You must be justifiably very pleased with that V-neck — I like it very much. And the silhouette is a wonderful shape.

    I’m also happy to say that I will see you at the Spring Fling! I’m trying not to pack as many projects as you are! (I usually way overpack knitting….) Looking forward to it greatly!


  17. Oh, my goodness. I’m overwhelmed by all the goodies! You know how I feel about that sweater — it’s beautiful. And all of those yarns, I don’t know which one I like best! (It may be the mama mia colorway today, though…) Travel safely and have fun 🙂

  18. Can it be true?? My craving for some of your sweater designs is about the be fulfilled?? YIPPEEEE – I’m a happy girl. I love how this sweater turned out!

    Have a marvelous time in St Louis; your road-trip projects look ever so tempting. and thanks so much for the link AND the generous prize donations.

  19. EVERYTHING is gorgeous, and the sweater especially stunning on you. Elegant and versatile. I love the fernfrost too, will add to my list. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy all of your projects!

  20. What amazing projects Anne! I love that sweater! Great design details. I will have to add this to my list of wanted projects as well:)

  21. I love the sweater, both pattern and yarn. I do think it will flatter most figures.
    manLace looks awesome! Can’t wait to see more!
    Love the mia mia color!
    The project bags are adorable!
    The Sunshine yarn mustard color is gorgeous!

    Have a great trip!

  22. FABULOUS sweater – I’m so getting the pattern when it is ready! and oh, those gorgeous bags, and all that beautiful yarn, and oh my – my order for 700 extra days this year, to knit, hasn’t arrived yet – what to do? I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  23. Anne, I love the sweater. Does it come in my size at all. I have some Grandma’s Blessing I am trying to find a pattern for. Hope you are having a great trip.

  24. Anne, your attention to detail is stellar! As primarily a sweater knitter, it is refreshing to find that, along with techniques not normally thrown into so many of the rehashed patterns I find lately. It is what sets the designers apart from the ‘Designers’.

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