well, that was fun

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first of all, thank you all for your concerned emails this morning when our server was down; everything is back up and running smoothly now, phew. and thank you even MORE for the enthusiastic response to the claudia’s ride for MS. it is a rip-roaring success and we still have a few days to go—stand […]

roger sock

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second in a collaborative series of socks to celebrate the men behind our fiber endeavors, chris and i present the roger sock. roger is chris’s lovely husband and partner—many of you may have met him while stalking visiting the briar rose booth and your favorite fiber event roger’s sock is knit in a fun rib-and-garter […]

i’m balancing as fast as i can

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nothing—and i mean nothing (not even strawberry shortcake)—tastes better to me than fresh-picked spinach. i’m completely thrilled that we finally have a successful crop. i pulled up all the plants this morning, which amounted to about 2 pounds of edible greens from my ronde-de-nice squash we picked yesterday to eat with baked potatoes and salmon. […]

a day late and a berry short

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it was a real tossup today which photo would be the headliner, but i figured you’d probably really REALLY like this one. we’ve finally gathered enough of our home-grown strawberries to make something, so i baked some shortcakes using