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second in a collaborative series of socks to celebrate the men behind our fiber endeavors, chris and i present the roger sock. roger is chris’s lovely husband and partner—many of you may have met him while stalking visiting the briar rose booth and your favorite fiber event

roger’s sock is knit in a fun rib-and-garter pattern that looks like a complicated cable but isn’t (and is much faster and easier to work). the deeply cozy texture is a pleasure to knit and wear.

now, the roger sock has another special attraction that i’m very excited to share. because it’s father’s day, i’m honoring my own dad by once again participating in fundraising for claudia’s ride for MS. for the next seven days (06/19/09 through 06/25/09) proceeds from the sale of EVERY roger sock will be forwarded to the national MS society to help claudia reach her goal.

so please, if you’re thinking of purchasing this pattern (or even merely toying with the idea) or have a friend who might want to buy one, doing so in the next week will mean another $5 for MS.

OH! btw, you must take a gander at the roger sock knit up my friend gail especially for today’s event—she’s rockin’ the sock in autumn oranges. gail is a huge supporter of MS as well—thank you gail!

just in case my shameless begging leaves you cold, chris has sweetened the deal by assembling an incredible prize basket filled with briar rose goodies (note the predominance of orange, the MS color) to offer as incentive. not that you need an incentive to give—i know you don’t.

on sunday, june 28th, one lucky purchaser of the roger sock pattern will be chosen to receive

a sweater-sized hank of legend, a shawl-sized hank of sea pearl, some grandma’s blessing for socks, a bump of her fabulous BFL roving, a shawl pin, and stitch markers . . . WHOA.

ok, now, back to the sock . . .

shown here, size medium in briar rose grandma’s blessing, colorway, 9027.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

chris has embraced this sock project and fundraiser with such enthusiasm—it’s always a delight to see what she’ll come up with when i throw an idea her way. many more wonders await you in her online shop—please go!
ronni, my right-hand person, once again scoured the pattern for any little problem so that you won’t run into any—thank you ronni!
my friend anne marie test knit the sock as a gift for her dad (oh man, i hope he isn’t reading this, hahaha). many thanks to her and her beautiful knitting.
and my good friend beckie lent her lovely legs and feet (and sense of humor) for a modeling session.

48 thoughts on “roger sock

  1. anne, I am speechless. This is just SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME! Thanks so much to you and to everybody that made this happen.

  2. Just the right pattern for my other half also called roger. I will be buying this pattern shortly and casting on tonight!

  3. Anne, totally enjoy your blog…your pictures, designs and garden are just lovely. I’ve been watching the development of the Roger sock and planning on buying the design to make for my DH (also a great dad). Thank you for making buying a knitting pattern such a special event!

  4. I am weak in the face of orange yarn…off to buy that pattern! (even though I totally would have bought it anyway). I already made my dad some socks (to which he said – those are pretty wild, guess I’ll wear them to bed! no more socks for him…)

    thanks for the link to gail’s blog – love her flower and bug photography!

  5. Hi! Just purchased three copies of the roger socks. Three, in honor of my cousin Eva with MS, and her two wonderful kids.
    I will use the patterns as gifts to other knitters, to make them aware of MS – and the much needed research. And to make them aware of your wonderful blog, including BOTH food and fiber porn.
    Knit On!
    Heidi, Copenhagen, Denmark

  6. What an amazing pattern, and what a great thing you all are doing. My mom had MS for years, and I am more than happy to purchase the pattern. Good luck with the ride!

  7. i would have bought the sock pattern anyway (i have been looking for a great pattern to make for my husband) but the added incentive of a donation to MS was certainly the tipping point. Thanks for doing all that you do! I am honored to be helping in a small way.

  8. Yay! A sock with no holes! I’m always on the lookout for a great sock that’s not lace and this one truly fits the bill. I’ve downloaded it and there’s some Sanguine Gryphon Sea Sock yarn waiting at home to become Roger. Thanks for a great design.

  9. Anne,
    Both you and Chris are wonderful people. You leave me feeling a bit convicted too. My mother was diagnosed with MS a few years back and it’s been a struggle. More than anything I wish my mother would allow herself hope. I wish she would want to do things for herself. I wish she didn’t surround herself in self pitty. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to change those things but I can change myself. I can learn more about MS. I can try to make a difference in the community. I can have more compassion.
    Off to buy the pattern

  10. Cool! A good cause, a wonderful pattern, and an excuse to buy ‘Highlander’ as long as I’m there!!!

  11. Goodness, Anne! What a lovely gift to all. I’d been watching that Roger sock as you’ve shared glimpses, thinking “hmmm” and assumed that I’d buy the pattern one of these days. But now I’m thinking that today is the very day.

    I had heard about Claudia’s ride (from you, maybe), and it’s an inspiring thing.

    I’m also living with ms. Seems like knitting these socks in orange (thanks to Gail I know about the orange), seems like just the ticket. I have a skein of Schaefer’s Anne in “blood oranges.” Maybe that’ll work!

    Off to purchase the pattern.

  12. I love the Roger sock! I’m always on the look-out for nice, manly sock patterns (got to throw handknit socks my DH’s way every now and then). I’m off to go buy that pattern to help support MS.

  13. Ohpleaseohplease. Must have shawl pin! Also, this is perfect. It will be my first pair of socks! Love you!

  14. Great sock pattern! Bought it and your latest sweater pattern, too. My husband deserves a great pair of socks, he’s a great dad. Plus, I miss my dad – lost him last year. Glad to help out w/MS, too. Thanks!

  15. What a kind generous and thoughtful thing to do-I am looking forward to knitting my man another pair of socks, he sure likes them.

  16. I can’t keep up with your patterns and knitting. My fingers just can’t knit that fast – how do you do it? Bought the pattern as I’ve been waiting anxiously for it to be released. Of course the bonus is being able to help raise funds for MS and be entered into the drawing for that wonderful stash of yarn from Briar Rose.

  17. OMG………..that orange basked it to DIE for! My donation to Claudia went out earlier today……..and I am going now to buy your Roger sock pattern.

    It’s a good thing you grrls do!

  18. What a generous way to raise funds for MS – I hope lots of money is raised for the ride to support Claudia! And donating from a sock pattern purchase is a great idea! My pattern collection is growing faster than I can knit… : )

  19. What a great way to raise money! I have ordered my copy of the pattern and now have a great project for my trip to the mountains this summer!!

  20. hi dear anne and claudia, of course i don’t knit socks. as you know, my recently deceased husband did battle with his MS symptoms for over twenty years. so it is my pleasure to buy the roger pattern. you women are just fabulous.

  21. Another winner and a great cause. I love Chris’s yarn! Thank you for offering this opportunity to participate in a charitable cause once again.

  22. Roger will have happy feet when he wears these socks. And happy feet make for a happy man. (Married to someone who wears size 14 and has trouble finding shoes that fit properly, I speak from 28 years, anniversary tomorrow, experience.)

    I have a question I’m hoping someone can help with. I tend to knit so that I don’t have to seam; and to knit shawls, etc.. meaning I don’t have edges to hide yarn joins or work tails into.

    One of the yarns my sweetie brought back from Europe is a slippery bamboo blend. I’ve got it worked up in a tube for a summer cover-up, about 3″ long so far, and it’s time to join a new ball. Normally, I splice yarn — trimming back some plies, overlapping the ends and felting. But this won’t work with this slippery yarn. And there’s no seam to hide the change in.

    Yelp. Please help.

    FYI: I just finished blocking a new shawl after careful review of your blocking post; thank you!

    That move to a career in knitting is a good one, Anne, for you’re contributing the the elevation of the craft to art.

  23. How awesome is this??? I purchased in honor of my sister, Meredith, who’s been hammered by MS. She’s gettin’ some new socks 🙂

  24. Love the socks, love the sentiment, love the basket and love that I can help out Claudia. Purchase made!

  25. LOVE the man socks! Hmm, I think it’s about time to knit another pair of socks for *my* man…

    Thank you for the funraising; my aunt lost her battle with MS several years ago, but my cousins and the rest of our family are still hopeful a cure will be found for others.

  26. I’ve never knit a pair of socks, but now may be a good time to try! At least I know the purchase price is going to a fantastic cause! And, let’s not kid ourselves, a shot at that lovely Briar Rose grabbag makes this anything but altruistic. Your work with it really has me itching to get my hands on some of that beautiful stuff (I’ve already stashed more Woolen Rabbit yarn than can be healthy).

    Though I haven’t lost any friends or family to MS, a corgi of my acquaintance struggles with it. Let’s hope this research can help those who don’t have the means (or mouths) to ask for it.

  27. Thank you for doing this – from another MS knitter (in Australia) I have been living with MS for about 7 years now, and am thankful everyday that it hasn’t progressed too fast or too far – thanks in part to the fantastic fundraising done both here and worldwide for MS research. How far we have come in such few years – makes me hopeful for the future.
    Off to buy the pattern!

  28. Oh Anne – such a good cause and who can resist anything that has the Briar Rose label on it ESPECIALLY people for whom ORANGE ANYTHING makes them swoon??? Thank you for supporting such a good cause – I’ll be ordering my sock pattern in the morning (have to wrestle the charge card away from He-Who-Lives-Under-the-Bridge-and-Controls-Yarn-Purchases! Take good care.

  29. Oh, man, I was going to buy the pattern even before I saw the prize pack! Drool… I wants it! I’m off to the shop!

  30. You and Claudia are inspiring all of us again this year with your wonderful work for MS. Just downloaded my Roger Sock pattern and am going over to donate to Claudia too. Thank you for doing this.

  31. Just got my roger sock pattern! Hooray! Another fabulous pattern and a wonderful cause. That Briar Rose basket is heavenly. I’ve never been able to afford any Briar Rose but I’ve fondled my share of it whenever I can. Good luck to Claudia reaching her fundraising goal.

  32. I’ve been meaning to purchase several patterns from you for quite awhile, supporting MS and a prize basket made this the week to do it.
    Thank you!

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