london baby!

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Anne is presently in london attending/teaching at knit nation, and is unable to blog. She will return early next week to share her adventures. I may do a guest blog if time permits, but not very likely. As I am thinking of Anne and reading the poetry of Walter Benton, I will share a verse […]

is it too much?

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i think i have my travel knitting all squared away now—three shawlettes, my secret project, the mitt kit, and my sunna sweater. do you think it’s too much? because i tried to pare things down, but ended up adding one more project to the pile—the vintage shirt (based on the knit nation while i work […]

friday eye candy

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on wednesday, david made his blocking film and he’s editing it now; it was lots of fun to do and he’s planning to have it ready for the pattern release when i get back from london (pattern is with the test knitters and proofreader now; we should be ready to roll it out a day […]

fruits and fancies of summer

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so, what do you think the chances are that i’m having a tomato sandwich for lunch today? i’ll probably dig into this big, ugly, yummy, cherokee purple—my favorite don’t let the color or the homely appearance fool you—these are fabulously juicy and sinfully delicious; the fine wine of tomatoes. as i was filling the coffee […]