london baby!

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Anne is presently in london attending/teaching at knit nation, and is unable to blog. She will return early next week to share her adventures.

I may do a guest blog if time permits, but not very likely. As I am thinking of Anne and reading the poetry of Walter Benton, I will share a verse with you.

“When a star falls, I shall wish for you.
When the moon is new, I shall wish for you.
When a bird looks into my window, when a leaf falls before me, when I find a fern in flower – I shall wish for you.”

I would have preferred to share a poem of my own composing, but long ago I vowed to not to use such words for anyone save Anne. To this end Walter Benton will suffice, I love his candor and directness, a descriptive narrative of such beauty, it is something to behold.

Well, as you can see I do miss Anne so very much, fortunately there is Skype. I’m certain some of you miss her as well, she will return to us soon.

Until next time, I bid you adieu.

– Mr. Knitspot-

78 thoughts on “london baby!

  1. Everyone should have a David in their lives! Beautiful poem for a lovely couple. She’ll be home soon

  2. Thank you David for such a lovely poem……Its not the same Sun morning without spinning. Of course we never see you that early in the morning. Have a great day!

  3. This sounds so corny,…..but it is so nice, just so nice to see something so real between two people. I pray that I am yet to have such a special relationship in my life.

  4. Dear David

    I was so excited to take Anne’s Advanced Lace class in London on Thursday. She is so lovely and such an inspiring teacher, thank you for sharing her with us Brits. Her absence from you has been a treat for us. I’m sure she will be thrilled to return home to you next week.

  5. David, you are SUCH a hoot. You need to be rewarded with a trip to Mootime Creamery for dark chocolate ice cream, followed by a coffee from Bravo. My treat.

  6. You are the neatest person, David! How refreshing, a poem that packs a lot of punch!!

  7. Lovely poem, how nice.
    Skype is fantastic, especially for loved ones in Europe! Free chats with video is an amazing gift when you’re missing someone!

  8. lovely. it’s such a gift to have a wonderful partner to miss when they are gone (even if for a short while). enjoy the space if you can. thank you for sharing the poem.

  9. How nice to have a sneak peak into how much you adore your Anne. You two are very lucky.

    Now, I should go call my man and tell him I love him.

  10. Thankyou for the poem..I will share with my hubby. He is home again after being away for about a month…..yesterday I just listened to him moving around the house and yard making “man noises”…I had forgotten how wonderful it was…

    Someone remind me of that when I am picking up stuff in a few weeks..LOL

  11. Such a heart-achingly lovely poem, David. Thank you for this gift of your heartfelt thoughts. Wishing you and Anne a star-filled home coming celebration.

  12. Mr. Knitspot the poem was lovely and it’s clear that you miss Anne. I miss her posts, but I (and I’m sure that their are others) would very much like to hear about some of your home improvement projects.

  13. Thanks for the sweet post David. I do miss Anne, but not as much as you of course. Are you making great progress on house projects while she’s across the pond?

  14. You romantic devil! I’m on the road with our kids, visiting family and friends, and missing my husband desperately. I can’t wait to send the poem on to him. Sharing the love, so to speak. Thanks!

  15. Thanks for sharing the poetry. I’m not much for poems, but the spare eloquence of this communication of complicated things, I like this very much.

  16. awwww, what a nice poem you shared with us and Anne is lucky to get poems written just for her!! I just checked in today on 8/5 so I see she’s made it home. Hopefully, her next travels will be with you on a vacation!

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