there is knitting, too

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though summer weekends are busier with outdoor activities, i’m trying to keep up with all my ongoing knitting projects, too (otherwise, i’d drown, haha). i do once again have secret (deadline) knitting i must finish, but i can’t live by secret knitting alone—i like being able to share and chat about what i’ve got going. […]

finally, the problem is solved

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as expected, the weekend has been awfully busy—summer saturdays are filled with the usual bookkeeping first thing, followed directly by several hours of work in the garden to keep things up to snuff. and now, the harvest has begun, so there is cooking to do afterward as well. my first chore out there yesterday was […]

mermaid’s tale

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if what you are looking for right about now is something cool, shimmery, and weightless, this may just be the piece for you. a sheer lace scarf in an easy-to-work pattern that folds away into the smallest of bags for knitting on the go. and when it’s done and blocked, a beautiful accessory to pack […]

lace, lace, and more lace

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the tomatoes are starting to ripen, mmm. i picked these four perfect little ovals yesterday to eat in a salad; they should be delectable by this evening. i can hardly stand to keep them so long without eating them, but it’s nice to share with david too, hehe. i also picked my third big batch […]