there is knitting, too

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though summer weekends are busier with outdoor activities, i’m trying to keep up with all my ongoing knitting projects, too (otherwise, i’d drown, haha). i do once again have secret (deadline) knitting i must finish, but i can’t live by secret knitting alone—i like being able to share and chat about what i’ve got going.

i wasn’t able to fit knitting into yesterday’s already long post, so i saved it all for today. the firefly shawl has been humming along and by sunday morning i had almost half the hem done.

fireflies were starting to emerge and looking pretty good, though i was still found myself tweaking a bit as i went. but that was yesterday and this is today—now, however, it is off the needles, yay!

not blocked yet, but certainly finished. david wants to make some kind of video while i block the next piece so i told him we could do it tonight or tomorrow afternoon (not an instructional video; something more creative. hmmm).

now there is a whole row of fully-formed fireflies around the hem. they won’t look like their finished selves until they are fully blocked out but here’s a sneak peek—each one even has a shiny little butt at the bottom, haha.

i got quite a bit of mileage out of my one skein of penelope yarn, using almost every luxurious yard of it (i think about 425 yards total). i’m always pleased not to have a small, useless ball left over, heh.

this will be the middle size, with an option for a smaller scarf and a larger, full shawl as well (and now i have all the info i need to put the pattern together). i love the way the tips of the shawl spring up a little on the end; i’m going to make sure to keep that when i block it

i’ve already cast on another one in a completely different colorway for the scarf size. this time i dug into my stash for a yarn i’ve been anxious to try

zen yarn garden serenity silk in the creamsicle colorway, mmmm. i’ve been so looking forward to experimenting with this and so far i LOVE it. it’s an 80/10/10 blend of merino/silk/cashmere and let me tell you, that little touch of cashmere feels like a whole lot more.

it’s got a nice bouncy twist that is offering up wonderful stitch definition, too. i’m sure i don’t even have to mention how happy the color makes me feel. it is SO going along in my traveling bag to london with me. in fact, now that it is on the needles, i’ve tucked it into a project bag to ignore until i’m on my way (wish me luck in keeping my hands off).

i really need to work on my secret project and my rosebud blanket until the day i leave. speaking of which

it’s growing, the baby blanket that swallowed my TV room, haha.
not really . . . but almost.

i have about 10 or 12 more rows to finish the border, then i have to start the edging. i’m not at all sure i can finish this by the end of the tour, but i’m still trying (never give up—even lance is still in the race and he’s had a mad string of bad luck).

i was thinking more about the name (which i had put forth as “bed of roses”). and i got a few cute suggestions from readers, too, such as “bud of roses”, but i forgot i had come up with something i might like even more . . . what do you think of “rosebuddie”?

the bunny says i might have something there . . .
i’ll be back in a couple of days with blocking shots (can i just say, i’m starting to panic about what i can reasonably get done before i leave for 8 days)

29 thoughts on “there is knitting, too

  1. I can’t wait for that Firefly pattern. . . well yes, I can, but you know what I mean! I’m so glad is progressed as fast as it did.

    I’m trying to love the bunnies. I really am. But after they took all of my pea plants – I am finding forgiveness difficult.

    (chewing away my nails in anticipation of the big finished baby blanket post – as Willy Wonka said, “The suspense is killing me”

  2. I can’t wait for that Firefly pattern. . . well yes, I can, but you know what I mean! I’m so glad it progressed as fast as it did.

    I’m trying to love the bunnies. I really am. But after they took all of my pea plants – I am finding forgiveness difficult.

    (chewing away my nails in anticipation of the big finished baby blanket post – as Willy Wonka said, “The suspense is killing me”

  3. Anxiously awaiting the release of the Firefly pattern (like I don’t have enough patterns already – but how can I resist?).

    The bunny is so cute, Anne. I like the Rosebuddie name for the baby blankie. It sounds like a baby blankie name. You and the bunny did great coming up with the name.

    I hope you have an amazing time in England. Just remember to breathe between now and then.

  4. That firefly is splendid Anne, i like rosebuddie too – so babyish and why not?
    Good luck in England!

  5. I’m with Rani….not a fan of the bunny. We have quite the problem in our veggie garden; well. I like the firefly shawl…think it would be kind of neat in the Dream in Color yarn with the sparkle….is it Starry? Off to look up yarn now….

  6. Ohhh, a stop action video of blocking….such an amazing idea.

    I was thinking of Rose Bundle after seeing that lovely pile of knitting. And can you please hurry with that pattern as I have just been alerted to another bundle on the way due in February….

  7. “our” bunnie hangs out in our heather plants, so his/her name is…Heather. So funny seeing that white little tail bounce up and down when he runs away!

  8. Firefly is stunning, Anne – I especially love the edging. And a firefly blocking video? You two are so wonderfully creative. I’ll be checking in tomorrow to see what’s next!

  9. I love fireflies. It makes me happy when I spoke the first one of the summer season. My kids can’t get over how easy I catch them. Of course, I also release them.
    The Firefly shawl is beautiful! Geez between this and les Abellies. Both are so tempting.

  10. The picture of the scarf-size firefly reminds me that I’ve got a skein of red/orange/yellow sock yarn that I think would be wonderful for it!

  11. Maybe it’s just me…. but “rosebuddie” is conjuring up much Orson Welles! Looking forward to seeing the blocking video. If David wants to make it “creative”, it’s bound to be great.

  12. budding Rose?
    And a blocking video sounds great! I’m sure that you and David will have a fun, creative time with it.
    Your garden looks wonderful – it’s been so cool here this year that the veggies are floundering, but the flowers love it.

  13. This is the first time I read your blog. I love to knit and love your firefly design. Your photography is beautiful. I kept going back and back in your blog to see more. Wonderful.

  14. Oh, I second Rose Bundle. Just the right thing for holding someone’s beautiful baby. (I’m just hoping it doesn’t take me nine months to knit!)

  15. That fireflies shawl is really beautiful. I love the color, blue and gold, and it really shows off the pattern. I would love to see it blocked.

  16. The baby blanket looks beautiful, but I have to say “Rosebuddie” doesn’t do it for me. I actually like the original name – Bed of Roses – much better.

    If you’re thinking of taking that new gorgeous orange onto the plane with you, check your airline first. According to Janel, the British won’t let you have knitting on the plane, which is why she has broken out her crochet. You may have to check it if you want to have it with you when you get there.

  17. Love love love the Firefly! We used to have lots in the garden but no more…I miss them.

  18. I like the name rosebuddie. It describes the rosebud design and the hope that the blanket will become a favorite buddie and go everywhere with the child.

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