crazed, but cheerful

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i have been knitting, wrapping, cooking, and writing patterns at breakneck speed, in order to have it all done by tonight (HA!). we leave for albany in the morning and the only thing i want to have left to do for christmas is knitting—that, i don’t mind doing right up til the last minute. so […]


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when searching for a name to give this beret and mitts set, i kept thinking how much this motif looks like pussywillows. however, when i took a look at how many patterns already use that word in the name, i decided to play around instead with another theme. but the original continued to nag at […]

a wealth of FOs (but sadly, not mine)

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janet’s gonna kill me for putting her at the top of the blog, but i can’t help myself—i have very little knitting to show you and as far as things of knitterly interest go, the scale is tipping dangerously away from my pitiful holiday progress and toward her pile of wonders. janet is just one […]

moth kisses

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now here’s a little stocking stuffer to go with the motheye scarf you may have knit for someone’s main holiday gift . . . or hey, if you coveted that yarn the whole time you knit with it and wanted so badly to keep the scarf for yourself, here’s a reward for being generous—knit a […]