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we have a new look and everything should be loading superfast and crazy now. some pictures might still be missing from old posts, but the front page is styling! thanks to my friends rachel and joseph, who have done so much to clean things up and get it all streamlined.

everyone should be able to view the sidebar now and use the links. the front page has only four posts showing, but now there is a navigation button at the bottom so you can view older posts (i didn’t even know i didn’t have that). and the archives are fully functional, even with just a few posts on this page.

today, terri emailed and told me something that nearly gave me a heart attack. somehow during one of the corrections i made to the bee shawl pattern, the instructions for the swarm section lost the line spacers.
this does not affect the pattern numbers or the correctness of the stitches at all, but it makes page 7 and 8 a little hard to read.
if you find you need replacement pages to get through that section, please use the email link in the sidebar, or go to the errata page for the address to email me, and i will be most happy to send them.

anyone who purchases a pattern after today will already have these corrections and will not need a new pattern.

16 thoughts on “an update

  1. as long as it doesn’t affect the chart on p 9, I’m good to go … does it? ;-D

    closing in on the end of the beehive section (row 73 as of this hour),

    and yes, the site loaded quite quickly …

  2. How lovely to have the blog all working smoothly again. When this happens to me, I wonder whatever I used to do before technology! It’s so sweet when it’s all working.

  3. It looks great! I’ve never gotten a header in IE, but now all is fantastic.

    I’ve spent the last five hours with The Bees and General Hospital. Quite a nice pair, if I don’t say so myself. Loving the shawl, of course! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  4. It’s great, having the sidebars at the top! Naturally, I checked them out, and noticed that the “tool tips” that come up when you place your cursor on Bee Fields and Morning Glory still have the old names. Always the nitpicker, I am! 🙂 I love the knitting needles on the header, and the designs for the patterns.

  5. Anne, it is looking fabulous!

    (And it is fast now, but your site has always been good, so I did not mind the long wait, because “all the good things in life are worth waiting for”.)

  6. Wow, crazy-fast!

    I am loving the Bees. This is my first “patterned on both sides” shawl, and it’s really challenging me (OMG, I have to reverse the symbols?????) but that’s good, because I’m learning and growing as a knitter. Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right? Thank you!!

  7. Just as I first saw January One’s plan for the Bee Field’s Shawl, I thought to myself that I would really enjoy it in a rectangular shape. And there you are, doing it! I love what it is becoming. Well done!

  8. Anne: This is great! It must be like cleaning the whole house, eve the windows and redecorating the front room. I love your new banner. Great job.

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