i wish there were two of me . . .

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i have some serious knit-envy going on. i love my current project(s) . . . all of which are lace (more on the current projects later). i know a lot of people think of me as a “lace knitter” or “lace designer”. and i am. since i started blogging, the focus of my knitting and […]

my garden makes a liar of me, part 7

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(flower of the day, toad lily) they bloomed. and a little early, too, although from the looks of it, there are enough buds to last a while. i added my fingers in the picture for those who haven’t seen this miniature bloom before. it’s worth looking closely too . . it has more than a […]

fall comes knocking

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it is the dreariest of days here . . a chill rain is pouring down and it’s dark. but in a way, i love that—it’s a great day to knit since we can’t ride bikes or garden. actually there IS stuff to pick out there but it’s going to have to wait til the rain […]

i cannot be good

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i know i said i wouldn’t (or that i shouldn’t), but i did and i know you knew that i would. i couldn’t help myself—just look at that fan-shaped bottom edge it looks like a parade of ginko leaves—probably my all-time favorite leaf shape. i can’t bear that four other people are knitting it and […]