i wish there were two of me . . .

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i have some serious knit-envy going on.

i love my current project(s) . . . all of which are lace (more on the current projects later). i know a lot of people think of me as a “lace knitter” or “lace designer”. and i am.
since i started blogging, the focus of my knitting and designing has been heavily weighted toward lace; it is a fascinating, mesmerizing kind of knitting. which might lead some people to think i am a fanatic who only knits lace (as opposed to them thinking i am just a crazy lady, which is ok).

but the lace thing is a phase; a stopover in a cycle. i have other knitting lives. i know i’ve kept them hidden from the blog for the most part (there is only so much knitting time in the day, week, or year, after all). but—newsflash—i knit sweaters too.

and that’s only a few of the handknit ones we own. in fact, i love knitting sweaters, and i sometimes feel a bit grumpy that they cannot be more a of a priority right now. since i am relying on lace for part of my living, sweater knitting has to take a backseat for a while.
but believe me, sweaters will have their turn too (i almost don’t even want to contemplate the firestorm that could occur when the worm turns; i’ve been known to turn out a couple of sweaters a month in some years . . . and they are real stash-reducers too, which is not lost on me).

as we head into fall and the air cools i have a growing yearning to cast on some DK-weight yarn for a sweater . . . or three. maybe even a cozy worsted-weight one. heck, i’d settle for finishing the two that i have on the needles since last year (both very desirable to me—why am i not finishing them??). other bloggers are starting to talk about the ones they are making to wear to rhinebeck and i am very jealous—now i want one, too.

i know i can bring this one, which is new since the last rhinebeck

but that’s not the same as having a new one FOR rhinebeck. maybe debbieKnitter will make me one . . . what do all of you do about project envy? (uh, besides the obvious—casting on for something new.)

if only there were two of me. i think i could handle it. overseeing two different sets of knitting projects. one of me could continue with all these lace projects and patterns, and the other one could make us some sweaters. and maybe even some sweater patterns. wouldn’t that be great?

well, we’ll see. i have a big deadline at the end of this week (BSP, which is why i was absent most of last week) that i’m knitting toward now. it’s a nail-biter for sure, and it will come right down to the very wire. i have been knitting every day on it—when i haven’t been working on the pattern. over the last two days, when i did not have work or internet service, i put in huge knitting hours. i have not knit this much ins this amount of time since forever (and i’m totally loving it).

i’m more than halfway there; i’m feeling good, but i’ll feel better after the three-quarter mark. if i finish the knitting by tuesday i will be absolutely ecstatic—that means i can block it and mail it by friday, and skip around all the long weekend without a care.
he-he, well, not really . . i still have a couple of socks i need to finish for the next deadline, but at least i will be able to sleep at night.

i thought i would grow to hate this piece—the fact that it is on a super-tight deadline, that i would have to be monogamous, and that the yarn is a bit difficult did not bode well initially. in fact, i could almost say i hated the damn thing last weekend at this time. earlier this week i was stressed about it to the point that i was in anxiety-attack mode for a few days straight. i wasn’t working on it enough between work, business, and teaching.

but now that i have clocked some solid work hours on it, the deadline is incentive and i’m enjoying the challenge (i can’t believe i’m saying this). of course i have dropped almost everything else and sequestered myself in a knitting cocoon. a person can’t do that all the time.

i have taken breaks to cook . . . the garden does not stop producing because i am busy. yesterday i finally got completely on top of the produce that was inside the house. i cooked and dried tomatoes, and made a huge batch of our family’s stuffed peppers

mmmm. i think i need a snack . . .

32 thoughts on “i wish there were two of me . . .

  1. A tanatalizing post: those peppers, the secret project, the sidelong reference to sweater patterns. Yes to everything!

    Thanks, again, Anne, for sharing your process. I find it very inspiring.


    p.s. One of the tings you’ve inspired is my plan to have a garden next summer. Since I live on sandy (and critter-filled) old Cape Cod, it will take a lot of planning and work, but I want my own tomatoes!

  2. You go grrl…you can do it! I can totally relate to the wishing there were 2 of me theme…LOL

    Your sweaters are beautiful!

  3. ugh..sweaters and food! I love your blog, it’s so full of gorgeous pictures. Don’t worry, I have a knitting deadline coming up too. I design for a yarn company so I’ve got a good taste of deadline work within the last year. I hope you finish your project in time! 😀
    I love those sweaters by the way. I wish I could finish 3 sweaters in a month. I could probably do it if I didn’t have 2 little ones. 😀

  4. Why not design a lace sweater or a lace vest – for those of us with hot flashes that make other sweaters a no-no. (You can do this in your spare time..he he.)

  5. Love the sweater photos! Your blog is always entertaining, even when you don’t have time for it. Sweater patterns would be great, but don’t give up the lace! (I know you won’t.) Good luck with burning the midnight oil on the BSP–I hope you’re finding time to take pictures of BSP-WIP, but all is forgiven if you aren’t. 🙂

  6. A couple of the sweaters look like a those I’ve knit (the Rowan Heather from a Season’s Tale is one I haven’t quite finished yet). You have such good taste!

  7. Oh, me, me, me. . .pick me to volunteer to become the second you! To have your creativity as a knitter and designer would be so satisfying. Why, just think of all of the skills I would have as a knitter that I don’t posses now! One thing, the second you has to stay in Maine!

  8. Oh the lure of the sweaters – tis strong my lady 🙂 I I love that your finished sweaters and your finished peppers are of the same colors – very cool.

    Project envy, oh yeah! That’s what I usually have when I come here to visit you. I guess it’s one of those grass is always greener things going on. And who is this debbieKnitter? Designated sweater knitter for Rhinebeck – because if she is sign me up!

    When I was a kid I used to dream that I was an octopus so I could have all those arms doing what needed to get done. I was a kid then – as an adult the need has just intensified.

  9. I have project envy all the time. It’s part of the reason I have way too much yarn and way too long a queue of projects to do. Your sweaters are lovely. I wish I had even one that I had knit for myself. Hubby has one I knitted for him but I don’t. Looks like you have the same countertop we do under those peppers. (They make a great color palette for fall yarn.)

  10. I think sweaters are a great idea:) I first found your blog from the red sweater. I love that design (hint hint)! I still haven’t finished a sweater (an adult sized one, anyway), but I have two that I am ready to cast on for, and a vest that is on the needles. I hope that I can finish some to wear this fall…

  11. I usually wander away from blogland with project envy of one kind or another. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesn’t. If it lasts for more then a week then I stick it on my queue. If that doesn’t quench the urge, then I think about buying the yarn and maybe casting on. I really try to stick to what I have in front of me. Too many projects at one time overwhelm me. Too many for me is more then 3 or 4.

    Those peppers look scrumptious. I always leave you blog hungry. 😉

  12. Hi Anne, sorry I haven’t been commenting lately – but what with the move and getting unpacked I sort of slacked off…

    I know how beautiful the lace pattern I got from you is – so, I can just imagine what a sweater pattern would be like…oh, my – makes me drool!!!

  13. The last 2 years, I made something to wear to Rhinebeck. Couldn’t wear them because it was too cold. So your sweater should be just about right.

  14. gorgeous knitting, as usual! (even if it’s knitting long past finished.) i wish you well in finishing your ‘bsp’–i have a love/hate relationship with deadlines myself.

  15. I am very grateful that you are a crazy lady. Only a crazy lady could produce such beautiful lace and would share it with others. Only a crazy lady would be so generous with advice and designs when she is so busy, even when a perfect stranger emails and asks a question. As for project envy, I either look through lots of books planning a project or if I have a bit of time, make something quick on the knitting machine, an interim piece.

  16. I love seeing your beautiful sweaters laying out. Good luck on finishing the BSP. I know that you are quite busy with your schedule. We would love to see some of your sweater designs too, but as you say, you’re only one person. Hopefully you can squeeze in a little sweater knitting for you and David this winter too.

  17. Hey, put me down as one who would rather knit sweaters. I love the pink cabley one. On with the patterns! (please….)

  18. Boy do I ever wish there were two of me. One to knit and one to do all the other stuff! And one to read. So, I really need three of me. At least when Bean starts school tomorrow, I’ll have half of me back.

    The fun knitting at my house is that Bean is learning to knit. We’re on a garter stitch scarf right now, and she’s having a ball.

  19. Love your red sweater and it might be the pattern I’m looking for some Silver Thaw. It’s your Maple Feaf Rag?(found after scrolling through the months of your posts) Do you have the pattern???

  20. What is the name of the pattern for that great pink/red sweater, oh please, oh please!! C:

  21. Good luck with your knitting deadline (deadlines help sometimes, I think!) And your sweaters are making me think of falllll – but it’s still in the 90’s! I love, love, love that Norah Gaughan… I was just looking at Knitting in America at the library today. I think that one will be picked up at some point!

    Love the cables on that red sweater – very appropriate for Rhinebeck, I think 🙂

  22. Oh how I wish there were two of me. I’m going to have to settle for Rhinebeck socks (I’m going!) and that’s if I’m lucky. I have deadlines up the wazoo and things I should have done months(years) ago too.

  23. What to do about project envy? Fret about it for two seconds (OK, mebbe three) and move on.

    Seriously, I’m always dreaming about stuff I want to make. Forget two of me. I’d double that and include someone to write up the patterns for the stuff I design and the others just to do the knitting. Blondie said, “Dreamin’ is free.”

  24. Sweaters are wonderful to knit! Then again, I’m pretty much a fiber whore for making anything, even if I’m slow to produce. Your stuffed peppers look very good. What do you fill them with?

  25. The sweaters are gorgeous. I can see how you can be torn between the lace and the sweaters. You are one talented woman for sure.

  26. Oh, the pink (red?) sweater is to die for! The cables are awesome.

    Hopefully the pressure eases a bit soon, though I’m sure there’s never a complete stop for a designer.

  27. Yummy! Oh, yes, I’d defintely love some stuffed peppers soon…and then that lovely sweater – oh, Anne, yes, you must finish it! I cast on your Fine Cabled Mitts this weekend and am enjoying that little knit.

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