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second in the little nothings scarf series, this weightless rectangle of alpaca and silk wards off a sudden chill or tames the hair on a windy drive or walk. later, it magically folds away into a pocket or bag for another time. shown here in ball and skein kit available at ball and skein olive […]


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tiger rules. sorry about the whining yesterday . . i’m much happier today being back on tiger for the time being. thank you to everyone who sent suggestions for dealing with leopard; we will continue to sus out solutions for the problems we have with it and i feel confident that someday, i’ll try it […]

the spotted cat can take a flying leap

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ok, before i give you my technology sob story of the week, you might want to go to interweave knits and take a look at the spring preview. scroll down to the bottom and there just might be something there you’ll enjoy . . . . i’d give you a link but i can’t. you’ll […]

mmmm, weekend cooking

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january is drawing to a close already . . . for a while, it seemed to be dragging and now suddenly it is only a few days to february. wow. i never even made any resolutions or goals for the coming year. yesterday . . where did that go? i totally lost any semblance of […]