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second in the little nothings scarf series, this weightless rectangle of alpaca and silk wards off a sudden chill or tames the hair on a windy drive or walk.
later, it magically folds away into a pocket or bag for another time.

shown here in ball and skein arequipa laceweight alpaca/silk, colorway atlantic. kit available at ball and skein

olive jade stick pin by designs by romi

to purchase pattern only, or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the scarf page in our pattern shop.

kudos to jocelyn and carrie who test knit the pattern with relish, and to our dear rachel for proofreading (she’s SO good at it) and making it perfect.
what would we do without them??

44 thoughts on “gust

  1. That is one very sweeeet little nothing!
    Those colours look divine with your skintone, I noticed that on the other post photo… and since that particular shade of green looks poo on me, I found myself staring at the photo in pure amazement :^), lucky you!

  2. Ahhh, sweet nothings! It’s so beautiful, Anne. The stickpin is perfect with it. Congratulations on another winner. You must be very proud (and that’s okay!)!.

  3. Yikes, one second I was admiring the scarf and the yarn and the next second I was clicking the “order” button at ball & skein 🙂 Great match between the yarn and the pattern, looking forward to knitting one myself.

  4. Oh that *is* pretty…
    And is that your Bleeding Hearts Shawl I see in the preview of the Spring Interweave Knits?
    You’re good. Really, really good…

  5. This little photo shoot is SO beautifully styled. It really brings out that scarf in every way. The fourth image looks like it could be on the cover of a novel.

    It really makes me want to knit this scarf! Mission accomplished.

  6. Ha! Test knit. Well, I did make it through one pattern repeat and I loved it. If only the toddler and the germs and the DH’s pneumonia and that pesky work thing would leave me alone so I could knit more.

  7. It’s absolutely beautiful. I already ordered my kit! I’m planning to give it to my mom — if I can part with it once finished.

  8. Kit in my cart already. Now I just need to decide how many other skeins of yarn I “need” from there. Because you can’t go shopping for one thing without a quick look around can you? That was quite a while ago btw. Sigh. No wonder it takes me so long to finish knitting something. I keep getting distracted by the new pretties.

  9. gorgeous. and thanks again to david for a great photo shoot. I was just over at ball and skein to see their fabulous yarn choices – would that I could buy them all~

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