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a list of upcoming knitspot and bare naked wools events, updated as we add.
please contact the host venue for more information or to make reservations to attend. see you there!


2014 Bare Naked Wools Pop Up Stores


Yarn in the Barn  Caledonia, MI  October 3 -4

Indie Untangled  Kingston, NY  October 17

Rhinebeck After Party  Kingston, NY   October 19 -21


2014 Knitspot Events


Rhinebeck After Party Workshops  Kingston, NY  October 20 – 22

October 20   9 am – 12 pm
Yarn Voyage II: Color Territory  
Yarn voyage for color knitting and design: Are your attempts at color knitting foiled by sloppy looking results, fabrics that appear lifeless, and/or stitches that gape and won’t lie straight? Do you find your attempts at substituting colors or creating your own combinations disappointing? It might not be you—it could be your yarn. Learn how choosing the right yarn will help you achieve a smooth and cohesive surface as well as a beautifully orchestrated palette in your color knitting projects. Our voyage into color knitting territory is much more than a discussion about yarn weight. It’s an explorative class for knitters and handspinners of all levels, covering the specific characteristics of yarn that influence the outcome of color knitted fabric. Included will be a short history of color work in knitting, how it was disseminated around the world, how various cultures influenced its development, and the evolution in turn of its separate ethnic identities. Participants will learn how yarn type relates to the fabric surface, texture, weight, and elasticity, and how to use that information to make better choices and/or substitutions in their projects. Students will test Bare Naked Wools of various fibers and twist ratios to make comparisons and learn to assess final fabrics. Even the most experienced knitters and spinners will go away with new insight on the fibers and yarns they thought they knew. Students should have intermediate knitting skills with the ability to execute simple patterned motifs from written or charted instructions.
October 20   4 – 7 pm
A Survey of Color Knitting Technique 
Let’s tackle something new together and take the fear out of color knitting! This class is an exploration of color knitting techniques including mosaic, intarsia, stranded colorwork, and slip stitch. We will start with intarsia, experiment a bit, and move on to slip stitches and mosaic using two colors at a time. Finally, we’ll move into stranded color knitting, where both two-handed and one-handed techniques will be covered. Students should have intermediate knitting skills with the ability to execute simple patterned motifs from written or charted instructions.
October 21   9 am – 12 pm   AND   4 – 7 pm
Color Project Immersion and project kit 
Using the information and skills attained during the previous day’s classes, we’ll get a beautiful color knitting project on the needles in your choice of style—mosaic or stranded. Participants will work on a brand spanking new Knitspot color project in a relaxed, semi-social setting with the instructor. You’ll start the day by finalizing your color palette, after which we will cast on together. Instruction on creating an optional cashmere lining for the project will be included. After this everyone will work at their own pace alone, in pairs, or in small groups to share experiences and maximize the fun. Anne will circulate to demonstrate and instruct as needed, with some group discussion at various points. The second half of the day will be a continuation of the work begun in the morning, as well as further instruction on the lining and some finishing and blocking tips to close the session. This is a day to totally immerse yourself in getting the jump on a new and possibly challenging project within a supported atmosphere; the emphasis will be on taking the time to be a learner and enjoy it.
October 22   9 am – 12 pm   AND   4 – 7 pm
Sweater Fitness
An intermediate workshop in the important basics of sweater fit and construction. Get into your best shape EVER! Participants will complete a thorough set of body measurements and discuss how to use them to choose and use a sweater pattern in an appropriate size. Students may knit gauge swatches during the workshop. Other topics of discussion will include swatching, yarn choices, pattern reading and terminology, types and uses of shaping techniques (increasing and decreasing), tips and tricks for successful navigation through a sweater project. Students must have a complete understanding of increasing/decreasing, have completed a project that requires shaping (sweater, mittens, etc), and have an intermediate level of knitting skill and pattern reading (understanding of intermediate knitting terminology is expected).
The emphasis of this workshop is on preparation and execution for a well-fitting sweater; seaming and finishing will not be covered.
Note: Students must bring only Knitspot sweater patterns to work with in class. Please bring a printed version to make notes on during class.
October 22   1 – 3 pm
Color Project KAL with Knitspot
Have you ever wanted a couple more hours with an instructor after an all-day class? Have you ever had just a few more questions but the class was over? Or maybe after you’re a couple inches into the project, you wish the instructor was in your living room just in case you had an issue?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this informal Knitspot-assisted KAL is for you! Bring your started accessory from the Color Project Immersion Class to the hotel lobby, get comfy, and knit in a relaxed environment with your classmates as Knitspot floats around to help. Or, start a new color knitting project, such as Apples in Clover, with Anne sitting next to you!
PREREQUISITE: Color Project Immersion


we will soon announce our Fall line up. check back later!

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