wheaten cap and mitts

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this pattern has actually been ready to roll for some time, but we held back to dither about all the publication choices; we love it so much, we wanted the presentation to be perfect. we considered waiting until we had a sample knit in each of our yarns, plus the new cottons arriving for summer.


then we realized what a tease that would be for everyone watching us and that what we should do is to release the pattern, start a KAL in our rav group, and give everyone a chance to knit in all the yarns together.

MUCH more in the spirit of our community, right?


i just love the way this photo shoot turned out, don’t you? we put my ancient gap denim jacket to use; you can tell how old it is because the sleeves are roomy enough to accommodate those big 70s and 80s batwing sleeves, haha.


but i love that it still looks great today with sarah’s very modern outfit.


this set is super-fun to knit—the cable and lace motif just keeps you motoring along. for many knitters this will be a one-skeins project, but if you have to invest in a second skein to finish up a set, you’ll want to cast right on with those leftovers for a spare cap or mitts to put away in the gift basket.


the pattern includes instructions for BOTH pieces and has three sizes from extra small (for kids and preteens) to large (we know who we are).


the sizing on these pieces is surprisingly versatile—i knit the medium size in both pieces and it fits a wide range of people, making it a totally safe bet for gifting.


and like i said earlier, we are very much looking forward to the range of fabrics that will be produced in this pattern. in addition to the breakfast blend fingering shown above on sarah we already know it looks great in our stone soup fingering yarn (above, wheaten wrap, the inspiration for the set)


and i’m looking forward to knitting a cotton version for myself; the pattern looks great in this soft, color grown organic  cotton.


shown here, the cap and mitts in size medium, knit in bare naked wools breakfast blend fingering yarn, color morning smoke.


to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the wheaten cap and mitts page in the knitspot pattern shop.

if you like the look and what one exactly the same, click here to view the kit which david, emily, and erica have put together—it includes the yarn in your choice of breakfast blend fingering, stone soup, or ghillie in all of our currently available shades, plus a copy of the pattern at a reduced price. you can also knit this in chebris lace, which because of its fuzzy texture, knits to the correct gauge for this design.


many, many thanks to my friends hattie and anne marie who speedily test knit these pieces so we could make sure to give you instructions as close to perfect as possible. and of course to david and sarah, who do such wonderful photography together; thanks so much you guys!


10 thoughts on “wheaten cap and mitts

  1. What a wonderful photo shoot – kind of industrial, urban. Great job! Love the hat and mitts.

  2. Wonderful shoot, wonderful patterns! I love how Sarah’s pink lipstick really sets off all of the greys, beautiful!

  3. Another winner, Anne!!! I already have the scarf pattern, so will definitely be adding the hat and mitts!!! Love the patterns and the photos!!! Sarah wears hats so well – I’m jealous!!!

  4. Yay! More wheaten! I have the scarf in my Ravelry faves right now! So excited to see this set!

  5. Fab design and fab photo shoot. The whole thing, the styling, the location, the pics…just awesome.

  6. I was looking forward to the Wheaten set, but now I want the denim jacket, too. Guess I’ll have to go shopping by time machine!

  7. Looks great, but I think I may make this in a more traditionally shaped hat. Just can’t seem to get comfortable with all the extra head space. I think it will look just as attractive in a shorter version as well as the slouch style. Thank you.

  8. This is a wonderful set — just love the look! And the photos are just great. They showcase the hat and mitts perfects. In my queue!

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