baby, you got it

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baby eli is definitely a morning person—all smiles over his breakfast today.


yesterday was a travel day and holy cow—look at the sky as we drove east. i feel as if i haven’t seen that color in months. in fact, this post will be brief because david and i are in maryland visiting james and diana’s family and today is equally warm and lovely, if not better. since it’s the only nice day predicted for the weekend, it would be a good idea to get out and enjoy it!


during the ride, i worked on my sweater front and got halfway to the armhole bind off, then more later on while we all watched a movie together. i’m about halfway up the left front shoulder now and i bet later on i can get the right front shoulder finished easy peasy.

that would be a great amount to get done before taking it home to block and seam; i never thought i’d get this much done so soon into our trip, especially with a baby to admire, haha. i keep forgetting how quickly things knit up in heavier yarns . . .


in fact, i was going to limit myself to bringing just the one project to be sure i finished it—good thing i didn’t stick with THAT lame-o plan. ok, maybe four sweater projects is overkill, but i like to be sure. and they are all built in pieces so i can switch around (another benefit of seamed sweaters; the individual pieces are quite portable and involve lots of mindless work—great for traveling).


actually, the main contender for sequestering my time will be the deep blue wheaten cardigan (i have to think of a name). i finished my sleeve and have started on the left front. i don’t know if you can tell but it has a plain body with a long lapel/shawl collar in the wheaten cable and lace pattern. a little dressy but also very comfortable. my friend susie has already approved it.

and when my eyes get tired from the dark, thinner yarn, i have my orange natty cardigan to move to.


last night we went out for a sushi dinner and my tea came to me in the best mug. i love fish—i’ve been looking for one of these online and found the coordinating sushi sibling as well. but i think it’s the fish for me.


david is also getting some blanket squares done while we visit—he’s on his third one and going strong—this week, it’s slöfock. you can join david and the rest of our blanket knitting gang in the hilarious club KAL threads on ravelry (there is even a thread devoted to david’s progress). even if you’re not a club member, you should check it out—we’re not exclusive or cliquish that way . . .

david, skyler, laura, erica, and i are also working over the weekend to finalize the signups process for our next club offering—ENVY 2015.


signups will begin on tuesday 3/17 for anyone enrolled in the current (blanket statement) club and will open up to for everyone else on april 1 (no joke!). mark the dates and keep an eye out for our newsletter—full information is coming very soon.

and with that, i am going to head out for a run to make the most of this splendid afternoon; i will be back as soon as i have more to say, haha. it might not be til monday—you know how demanding babies can be . . .


although THIS one seems perfect.

15 thoughts on “baby, you got it

  1. Hooray for good weather! And the cutest baby I’ve seen all month!

    Sweater progress is awesome and of course I’m breathlessly awaiting the St. Patrick’s Day club announcement. Meanwhile, have a terrific visit!

  2. How about Whole Wheaten? Wheatenette? Wheatenelle?

    I’ve very excited about the new club. As that as in GREEN with envy?

  3. Ahhhhh green, I was sad to miss the purple club… but GREEN, you’re killing me… sucks I won’t have my tax funds by then! Can’t wait to see what you do for that.

  4. Oh Eli is a cutie pie. Enjoy your visit. I know the “envy” club will be the envy of all. Can’t wait to get another sweater on the needles.

  5. Whole Wheaten–that has legs. You never fail to amaze–I wish I could knit half as fast as you do. How nice to get a baby fix, especially one as sweet as little Eli. Enjoy your stay!

  6. Baby Eli looks like such a smiley and good-natured little guy, what a sweetie!

    Is David wearing a Squish Me hat in the photo, or am I misidentifying the pattern?

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