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boy oh boy, is my inner clock messed up today. i mean look what time it is—after midnight and i am just now posting something that i meant to do earlier. i’ve been working all day—first on some work for the office, then later on patterns and updating the catalog (see sidebar).

then i took a nap. now, usually i sleep very little, and a one-hour nap of an afternoon really helps boost my energy. during the work week, on a couple of days, i sneak off and take one on my lunch break. on weekends, i am able to take them at my leisure, and i revel in it!
but today i went too far—i set the alarm for my usual hour nap, and woke up three and a half hours later. i had slept so hard, i didn’t even know where is was for a few minutes.
and now, of course, here i am. wide awake and happy, happy, happy! i probably won’t get to sleep again till the birds are singing.

so anyway, about knitting. wow, i have finished so many things in the last few days, i actually have some leeway now to start new projects, and i feel a little at loose ends.

the beach wrap is done (thank heavens). and much as i hate doing the shawl-displayed-on-the-floor photo, here you go anyway—it’s NOT glam

the thing is, that i tried, i really did, to do my usual shawl photo shoot with this thing, but it did that thing that little kids do when they won’t cooperate—you know, the floppy act thing. there was no way i could pose it! and i could not bring myself to model it. ugh. sorry, it is just SO not me!

if only jo were here. sigh.
but then, the shawl might never make it to its intended destination. i’d probably end up wrestling her to get it back!
(seriously, she has a thing for this thing—but to her credit, she’s not the only one.)

i made some wonderful discoveries this weekend in the blogs of some knitspot commentors. sooo many people have great stuff they are posting and writing about. i am particularly fond of bloggers who talk about their environment and share little bits of history and culture with their knitting. this is something i am keenly interested in about knitting knitting—that it becomes so interwoven with one’s life, surroundings, and personality. it leads us to new adventures and discoveries, and it expresses our essential selves in the same way cookery or style of dress or home decor might do.

i began the last of my gift obligations on friday evening—a shrug for my goddaughter who turns nine-years-old next week. i know, i’m cutting it close, but the yarn arrived only extremely similar to the black shrug i made for my niece, but i am experimenting with a few changes

the biggest change is that i am trying a diffeent lace pattern in the sleeve, just to see if something different would make th pattern writing easier (it won’t). but i like the new one too! i might keep it. here is the original for reference

and i am going to try the sleeve a bit longer and tighter—maybe even elbow-length.

and finally—and trust me, i realize that this is NOT heart-stopping news (although dave may have an interest)—i am switching out my brownTreXX as desk socks, for these

i want to get these done a little faster than i will if i leave them to compete with my other projects in the TV room. not exactly a deadline, but i want to move them along. okay, i a can HEAR your puzzlement. don’t the desk sox seem to go the slowest of all the socks i make??
well, yes. they do seem to, but lately, they have power surges that i’d like to take advantage of, so, i’m trying this.

and what’s coming down the pike, you ask? well, two things i want to start this week. and they involve this

and this

more later!

3 thoughts on “and on to other things

  1. Anne, that shrug pattern set off electric sparks. Where can I find it?
    Also, WHAT was the shawl you knitted that had Lene of Dances With Wool so rhapsodic up there in the Arctic Circle? I realise if I hunt back far enough in your weblog I may find it, but there’s a young thrush loose in the garden, not yet able to fly, and the dogs are heading out after it…

  2. I’ve looked, I’ve looked! Is it the Heirloom Frost & Flowers one? I’ve had that pattern sitting patiently on my shelf for quite a few months and it’s about time I got brave and tackled it.

    Oh the baby thrush was fine. I put it up on a nice wide branch where its parents could find and feed it. The responsibilities!

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