paws-ing for thanks

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my family and i have so much to be thankful for today and after my thanksgiving bath (for which i stood very, very still, even tho it was really, really hard), i persuaded them into a blog takeover to share my thanks with you.

first, believe it or not, i am thankful for being trapped all those months ago. i didn’t know it then, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. thanks to our friend ramona, who helped my family bring me home, i fall asleep in a safe place each night that’s warm and dry and i have plenty to eat. i am also loved beyond reason.

did you know that ramona’s rescue, jjs ruff roads, is a recipient organization on amazon smile? you can help her bring home other lost dogs like me by designating jjs ruff roads when you make amazon purchases this holiday season.

i’m thankful for our extended family over at “work”. i’m especially thankful for their patience and constant kindnesses as i get more and more used to being near humans. being touched is the hardest thing i’ve ever done and progress is slow. i want to run right up and cuddle, but something always stops me; the best i can do is run in for a quick sniff. i want them all to know that i’m trying and i have big plans for 2018 in this department.

i’m grateful that my family works at home and that we get to go on long, long walks every day, summer and winter, rain or shine. i walked all day when i lived on the street too, but most of that time, i was looking for food or to stay out of trouble.

now i’m making friends all the time—there are SO many dogs in our neighborhood and people to go with them. i don’t have a photo of my best friend casey, but i’ll try to get one to share with you soon—he’s the BOMB, a malinois shepherd, my favorite breed.

on our walks, we also see beautiful things that are not dogs.

like moonrise . . .

i’m thankful for the dog park, where i can tear around with the other guys, rolling and wrestling and chasing til i’m all tired out. i’m thankful for the way it makes my mom laugh and laugh to watch me. i’m thankful that whenever we go there, she always takes me for a long walk on the bike path, too.

i’m grateful that my family—and extended family—are knitters; it creates such a quiet peaceful feeling when they work and also, they know the importance of soft cuddly stuff. if only i had opposable thumbs . . .

i’m thankful for the sofa; while i didn’t notice its beauty much over the summer, now that it’s cold, i am completely smitten with it. added bonus—mom spends most of her knitting time there and if i’m clever, i can kinda verrry slowly scooch in til my nose rests on her hip. you know, just to try out being close.

i’m grateful for fudge pecan pie because even tho i can’t eat it, it made my mom SO HAPPY to spend yesterday afternoon making it.

and my tiny turkey dinner, which is my treat today. my family is eating lasagne because they don’t eat meat.

i’m grateful for the garden because, while i don’t have opposable thumbs to share the work of it, i still get to eat every day from what we grow there—we have enough green beans and sweet potatoes put by to last all winter.

and best of all i’m thankful for all of you, even tho i never met you. you know why?? because THIS.

we are doing so great you guys!! we have passed last year’s red scarf scholarship effort already and with six weeks to go yet, we might even exceed the goal we set for this year. let’s keep up the momentum and drive this puppy home—you know, figuratively—because i’m already home.

click here for details and patterns; please share and give!

thank you all for a wonderfully warm year; we hope each and every one of you is celebrating the day surrounded by love and good cheer.

14 thoughts on “paws-ing for thanks

  1. Awwwwwww! And we’re all grateful you moved in with your people too! Great blog post! Ask Anne to let you post once in awhile…. Love seeing you snooze under a blanket (-:

  2. I’m all teary. I don’t even particularly like dogs but I LOVE this dog. It sounds like Cardigan was meant to be with you.

  3. My name is Ben—I am a rescue dachshund who found a home with my peeps, Jim and Jo. Your post was great and I hope it motivates people to give rescue dogs a nice home like you and I have found. Happy holidays to you and your people!

  4. Oh, Cardigan you are such a sweetie and I’m so HAPPY you were found by your loving Mama!!! You are one lucky dog and we (your Mama’s friends) are lucky to read about you here!

  5. Hi there, Cardigan! Just look at that first photo! You are complete still except for your happy tail! I can tell you are enjoying your new life……and ooh, look at that Thanksgiving dinner! Your humans really love you if they had lasagna and you got THE TURKEY!!! Don’t worry about not having opposable thumbs…you are the KNITSPOT KNITTING SUPERVISOR. A very important job! Gotta go now and help my Mom knit her cardigan. All the best, Maya the dachshund

  6. Dear Cardigan,
    First off I must tell you that as a straight-up full blooded cat I loathe and detest all dogs. So sorry, nothing personal… you know how it is. But I commend you most heartily on your amazing life story which echoes mine to some extent. The street is a hard and cold place… I am most grateful we have both found a softer, kinder place with the feeding people. And I thoroughly endorse your suggestion to support wonderful animal care giving causes such as this jj’s ruff roads. My feeder supports a local no kill cat shelter in this same manner, and she assures me it is so easy and painless that ALL should do it. Unfortunately she also has brought home a terribly annoying kitten or two from this same place who sleep on my blankets and eat my food and play with my tail and are wholly incorrigible…. well, we won’t go there. I suppose they deserve better than the street too. (Though if they touch my catnip mouse one more time…)
    Hurrah for all lucky, well loved animals, and hurrah for the feeders who share their lives with us… lives which we, of course, make all the better for having done so.
    A most Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours madam,
    Quite sincerely,
    Simon (who is a very good kitty, yes I am)

  7. Lovely to see Cardigan settling in so nicely! And thanks for the reminder re: Festivus. Order coming your way!

    Also, didn’t know I was missing fudge pecan pie in my life, but apparently I was.

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