goodbye Big Dave . . .

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david’s dad, Big Dave has passed away, and we will miss him very, VERY much. he was so like my own father—interesting, quiet, and knowledgeable—i felt really comfortable with him.

i would like to thank everyone again for all the nice email and warm wishes you have sent our way during his illness and his struggle with social security. he died very peacefully in hospice. a nurse had just been in the room chatting with him, left to do an errand, and when she returned a few moments later, he had died.

it is a sad event that we expected for a while; we are at peace with it because we did not want him to suffer. he died with dignity in the manner that he chose to go, without tubes and machines. we are glad that as a family, everyone agreed that what was right for him was the best path.

we need to leave town for a few days to go to the funeral in long island. i’ll be here tomorrow and i’ll be sure to post, but i’ll be gone after that til monday.

i had other things to talk about and knitting to show, but i think for today i’ll end here.

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  1. My heartfelt condolensces for your loss. May the happy memories of the time you spent with him warm your hearts in the coming days.

  2. Anne, I’m so sorry for your loss, and David’s. At the same time pleased that the family listened and accepted what Big Dave wanted and left him his dignity to the end. Now pull up all the happy memories you have of and with him. And send his soul on its way with love.

  3. people do that. it’s strange … the how or why. but, often, people “choose” to pass when all is quiet … when there are not witnesses. it’s strange, but true.
    and no one can blame them. i mean, who would want a room full of loved ones around … waiting, to be there, just in case? it’s our last moment of privacy. our last moment to say goodbye to earth, light, air, …. (sigh) ….. our moment to slip away, unnoticed, while life still goes on … as it does.
    and i think about how we’re all getting older. our hair (yep, you know i know, with my glop of silver strands) … grows lighter. little things hurt or ache longer than they use to. and the older i get the more i realize how precious this gift is.
    so, i’m a bit speechless right now. i sort of fell off my soapbox. oops.
    well, nevertheless, i am thinking of you and mr. man lace.

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