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last monday morning i landed in snowy, gray ohio after spending ten delicious days on the west coast, running in shorts and keeping my face tilted to the sun. when i got off the redeye at 10:30 am, i was tired, hungry, and . . . cold.

david got me home straightaway, where i crawled into bed and slept until my class began at 4 pm. we celebrated my birthday with pie and cards and fun chatter over knitting—we had missed each other while i was gone.

just as class broke up at 6pm, the lights blazed on across the street—while i was away, bret had completely re-done the porchscape into a spectacular valentine—for us.

we were—in a word—speechless and we ran outside to get a closer look

along the eaves ran a row of valentines, but not just any old hearts; these were each dedicated to a neighbor and one prominent one had my name on it!

i gather that bret was taking requests from the gentlemen on the block during the week before and david put his message down on paper, just the way he always signs it for the two of us.

and of course, bret’s message was on the biggest heart of all, because well, that’s just how he rolls—bighearted.

but the best thing—and the real attention-getter—was front and center, aimed right at our house

for you, for you!!
isn’t that the coolest?? what a great surprise, huh? and believe me, bret is sincere—he loves knitspot!

on saturday, erica and i went over to get a closer look and take some daytime photos for the blog

i HEART the gremlin valentine; i want that one—it’s so me!

we snuck in close to get a picture of the sign and also one of erica in her new slöfock hat

we tried to get a shot of the two of us with the sign, but our arms are not long enough . . . before we knew it, bret came out to see who was raising such a ruckus in hi planting bed. hehe, just us . . .

so he offered to take a photo for us

it’s so much fun to be bret’s neighbor—we just never know what’s going to happen next, haha. one thing we do know is that whatever it is, it will be big.

happy valentine’s day to all—from our little corner of the world.

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  1. what a fun post! it was great reliving the scene i saw day and night last week. i LOVED that i could see “thank you knitspot bloggers” from your 3rd story guest room every night when i got ready for bed. it warmed my heart.

    i told matt all about how we got caught snooping around bret’s front lawn. he thought we were nuts! yet he wasn’t surprised…

    happy valentine’s day back atcha! miss you guys!

  2. How cool is “our sign”!!??!! =-) And today I had a squishy with my Morning Smoke DK in it with a packing slipped signed, “Thanks Debby, from David et Anne!” And I thought that was so cool to sign it that way…I didn’t know he always signed that way but then here it is again in the same day all explained. Synchronicity? Maybe! =-) The yarn BTW is a-MAZ-ing!! Soooooo yummy and soft! =-)

  3. So cool! Please thank Bret for all of us for his sweet words. How about a pic of him so we know who it is that so kindly decorates his home with us in mind?!?

  4. You have such a wonderful neighborhood! Happy Valentines Day to you and David and thank you for Knitspot! May this Valentine’s Day be one of the best ever!

  5. What a wonderful display from Bret! He’s created something that looks terrific both in the daytime and lit up at night. I’m not a big fan of Hallmark cards and overpriced roses for Valentine’s Day so it’s really lovely to see how Bret has expressed real sentiment and caring in his display, and I feel lucky to see it all the way from NJ! Thank you, Bret!

  6. So awesome. Happy Valentines Day to Anne, David and fun neighbor Bret. I always look forward to seeing his displays.

  7. Thank you to Bret for these creations and thank you for sharing them. Love that first photo. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. So much LOVE!!!! Thank you Bret!!!! I just got my yarn yesterday too – what a treat – and will be petting it all day today. Thanks for everything, Knitspot Team! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. Bret is one great neighbor. I’m sure he’s loved by all on your block. Can’t wait to see what he does for St. Patrick’s Day.

  10. This beautiful display of love–of couples for each other, of a wonderful neighbor for his community–left me speechless. Happy Valentines Day!

  11. Miss regularly seeing his house- it really was great to see the decorations last Friday! Thanks for posting it too. What fun!

  12. How WONDERFUL!!!!! Thank you Bret for such a wonderful shout out to the knitspot nation. Happy Valentine’s day to all!

  13. Wow! Best Neighbor Ever award goes to Brett. Please thank him for the Valentine’s wishes for “the blog.”

  14. Awwwwww! I love that Brett decorates and that you always share with us – but WhataGuy!!! So much fun to see Knitspot trickling over the neighborhood. Happy Heart Day to you and David. Many thanks to Brett.

  15. I hope Bret drops in on the blog and knows how much we enjoy his displays. I wonder if the fact his handiwork, craftsmanship really, is seen ’round the world adds any pressure? We <3 Bret, too.

  16. Aw, this is so sweet and incredibly touching. I look forward to your posts on Bret’s decorations every year. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  17. Bret’s one cool dude! He shouldn’t be surprised if one day he just starts getting flooded with hand-knit items from his Knitspot fans!

  18. Bret and Connie are the bestest neighbors. I love watching their displays. What a wonderful artist.

    And thanks to Knitspot and all the clubbies for wonderful times, support, and help.

  19. Fabulous Valentines! You may not want my opinion concerning the swatches in the previous post ( but I’m going to write it anyway!) I hope you do something with the geometric diamonds. I love the look of that swatch.

  20. That display brought the biggest smile to my face. What awesome neighbors Brett and Connie are. But then they’re lucky to have you and David for neighbors too!! This was the best display of neighborly love I’ve ever seen!

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