gray garden

here in ohio, spring is in the sky and beginning to swell the earth, but we have a ways to go before winter is really over—it is february and windy, so we still have need of our layers.

this cozy shawlette, knit up in a lively fingering yarn, has a nice weight for this time of year.

its mostly solid fabric can be piled up and tucked around the neck to shut out that wind with cozy ripples of garter depth.

or open it up when the suns shines down and let the breeze filter through the shapely lace motifs spaced across its surfaces.

the heavier fabric has a supple hand when knit in a luxury blend that allows it to fall into soft folds; this is a great use for fingering yarn that is too soft or too precious to knit into socks.

shown here is the petite size shawlette in hazel knits divine, a luscious merino/cashmere/silk blend; the color is arroyo.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the knitspot pattern shop. or purchase pattern in our ravelry shop.

i loved knitting with this yarn, which was a gift from wendee at hazel knits when cookie and i visited her studio last spring. it is a really beautiful yarn blend with a lovely hand for knitting delicious accessories; you should try it!

thanks also very much to our good friend phoebe, who helped enormously by test knitting the pattern. you can see her project knit in spirit trail sunna on her ravelry project page (i bet she has an update photo by now, too).

and of course, we are very grateful to helena for spending this afternoon with us on a photo shoot—she is lovely as always and such a great sport, putting up with us! (ruby, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with us or our photo shoot, thank you very much, and stayed way on the other side of the corral for most of it)

david always takes the best photos; thank you so much, dear husband.



21 Responses to “gray garden”

  1. josiekitten says:

    I love it! I don’t usually go for browns, but I think it looks fabulous in this colour. Simple and understated. Great photos of the ever lovely Helena!

  2. Chloe says:

    How good you are with marrying a rustic plaid shirt with a delicate lace shawl and making it work. I love how youthful that is, and not just because of the model.

  3. Purchased, downloaded, printed and in the queue! So lovely, and Helena just makes it sing!

  4. Joni says:

    What a gorgeous little shawl.

  5. cherie says:

    Lovely! and Helena sure has an eye for what works (I think I remember you saying she does her own “dressing” for these shoots)!

  6. Lara says:

    Wow! I love the pattern and love the color of the yarn with it. What a perfect match!

  7. erica says:

    love the photo shoot location! david got great shots of this gorgeous shawl.

  8. Shannon says:

    That is lovely! Are those hearts in the lace pattern?

  9. snoopydog says:

    Such a gorgeous shawl, such a gorgeous colour and such a gorgeous model. I think I need to cast this one on soon! Ros

  10. Rose says:

    I love this shawl — loooove it. I bought it, printed it, & have some Briar Rose sea pearl just waiting to be it. Wish I didn’t already have 3 other shawls on needles. Time to get of the computer & knit.

  11. Amy J says:

    Lovely shawl, beautiful model and lucky you for being so talented, and having a hubby that is equally talented 😉

  12. kyrie says:

    Love the shawl! And I think Helena and I have the same Pendleton jacket! That’s kinda cool too. LOL

  13. Kim says:

    Anne….this is LOVELY!!!

  14. Bobbie in AK says:

    So pretty!

  15. Kim says:

    Oh, Helena is just a doll! Love the one with the kitty watching the whole parade! Love the design on this shawl Anne. . . .

  16. KatJ says:

    Another winner all around! I’m off to buy : ) Thank you, dear Anne, for another lovely design. David, you did great photos. Helena, you’re a doll. Love it!

  17. Ruthie says:

    Love this shawlette! One of these days, I’m gonna buy this pattern and make it. However, my queue waaay too long right now and I don’t dare get my hands on the pattern or I will cast on immediately and forget everything else!

    BTW, is it me, or is Helena growing up to be a beautiful young woman?? She’s the perfect model for your creations!!

  18. amanda says:

    Lovely! It looks nice and toasty in that yarn. You had a gorgeous day for outdoor photo shoots, too.

  19. Ann says:

    Lovely shawl & great photos.

  20. Phoebe says:

    This is one of my favorite knitspot patterns. A pleasure to knit and it goes really fast.
    Btw, additional photos up on my project page to show off the shawl completed. Not nearly the quality of the above photos.
    Definitely will be knitting this up again!

  21. Heather says:

    It looks gorgeous. The photos are fantastic.