what could be a better fix for the january chill than swathing oneself in something luxurious?

well, you could argue that curling up to knit something luxurious rivals that . . .
here’s a simple-to-knit triangle shawl to make up in any soft fingering yarn that strikes you as just right, in whatever size suits your body, yarn supply, or patience. you won’t believe how easily this one flows off the needles.

shown here: petite size shawl in hand maiden cashmere and silk, a cashmere/swiss mountain silk blend, colorway, bronze.
kit available here from one planet yarn and fiber in three luscious colorways, for three sizes

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

the delicious yarn for this project was generously provided by lis and jodi who carry a stunning collection of unique yarns in their web store, one planet yarn and fiber.
many thanks to rachel for making sure the pattern was in tip-top shape for release.
and to my friend jocelyn, who gave it her special “knitter’s read-though”; i so appreciate you!

38 Responses to “caricia”

  1. Alicia says:

    Yum, Yum, and Yum! LOVE the yarn and pattern, as per usual.

  2. sherri says:

    can’t believe I get to be the 2nd comment! My mouth is watering looking at your latest design!!! I know it will be terribly popular- you have a great talent!

    hang in there with the weather. Being a Pennsylvania girl, I think we get much the same…

  3. Maria says:

    Oh my goodness, Anne! That is fabulous. I cannot start another thing right now….maybe.

  4. Rosi G. says:


    Gosh I love it. Tell me if I’m the first to buy it! LOL

  5. Beth says:

    Beautiful! The photos are lovely and really show the shawl well.

  6. Erica says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, as usual. 🙂

    One question: Is the pointed top edging knitted on at the end, or knitted as you go?

  7. Hattie says:

    Yay! Love love love. 🙂

  8. Ellen Norman says:

    oooh la la 🙂

  9. Debbie says:

    The name is the best. Love it.

  10. Auntie Tracy says:

    I did not realize there weren’t any words in the post for a few moments, I was enamored by the pictures. Awesome.

  11. Gina says:

    Beautiful. Genius at work.

  12. Shell says:

    So how long did this take you to finish? You always seem to finish stuff so fast! Except for that Snow Shawl. That one seemed to take forever.

    But this is absolutely gorgeous! I think I might have to knit this up!

  13. Roseann says:

    oh. my.

  14. Jocelyn says:

    I am dumbstruck. Gorgeous. Lovely. And SO flattering (were you freezing during the photo shoot?). I love it.

  15. Plum Texan says:


    (that’s the sound of this hitting my Ravelry queue)

  16. Julie says:

    Oh Anne, that is just stunning. I think this is my favorite one ever. Great job!

  17. Helen says:

    Simply amazingly beautiful Anne. I have been waiting for the perfect pattern to knit with this decadent yarn for some time now, so a huge thank you. You rock!

  18. Joan says:

    *Swoon* Pity it’s been Christmas and my birthday already…

  19. Lisa says:

    Oh Anne! It’s soooo beautiful!! But I’m supposed to be concentrating on my 12 sweaters for 2009. But there are kits and that is so tempting…

  20. Kim says:

    Very pretty! I think I am seeing one of these in alpaca 🙂

  21. Lorraine says:

    Anne- Really lovely. My Knitspot queue is getting longer and longer.

  22. Neuroknitter says:

    Just lovely, Anne!! I love window light!

  23. Zita says:

    Wonderful, like everything you knit.

  24. Phoebe says:

    Just had to get it too! Note to self: Must spin up fiber fast so I can cast on.

  25. Erica says:

    Anne, Caricia is beautiful. I’ve been lurking on your blog for a couple of years, and I love your aesthetic. I tend to design my own patterns, but I constantly find inspiration in yours. I was wondering if you might tell us sometime how you go about planning increases and decreases, or how you smooth pattern changes in lace? One of the things I love most about your patterns is the almost imperceptible switch from one design element to another, and the organic feel of the shaping. I know that’s not easy, and it would be great fun to get some insight into that part of your design process. No rush, but I would be fascinated to see some of the nitty-gritty details sometime. Thanks!

  26. Jody says:

    Stunning. Really…just…Stunning.

  27. Terry says:

    Beautiful work Anne! Amazing patterning, love how little yarn it actually takes, even for the largest size!

  28. Julia says:

    Oh. my. this one is absolutely stunning. My Ravelry queue is becoming all Knitspot, all the time. :o)

  29. britt says:

    gorgeous. of course. you rule!

  30. Alvine says:


  31. Nan says:

    Your shawl is beautiful. I love the color combination also.

  32. Lauren says:

    Can’t stop looking at it. Came back again. Two days in row. So, so beautiful.

  33. gilraen says:

    Anne!! Another stunning pattern. I adore it 🙂

  34. Rocky Moreno says:

    I’m glad you picked Caricia it is very pretty to along with this shawl. I love the colors.

  35. Ronni says:

    That is just gorgeous! I have been lucky enough to fondle Swiss Mountain Cashmere Silk and it is lovely. I can’t quite fully imagine what it would be like to have this shawl knit in it – I keep going all goofy brained before I get much past oooooh wouldn’t it feel glorious…

  36. Josiane says:

    Lovely! Though it’s funny: now that I’m back from Vancouver (a.k.a Raincouver), I see an umbrella in the stitch pattern! That would make for a nice souvenir of that trip, if only I had been able to fit an appropriate souvenir yarn in my luggage…