need a good cover?

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i will admit that when i opened the package containing this book, i nearly doubled over laughing and wishing someone—anyone, but preferably another knitter—was around to share this one with me.

“seriously?, i thought, what will they think to publish next??”
but as i thumbed through knit your own moustache, i was absolutely compelled to look more thoroughly. author vickie eames really has something here—this could be a lot of fun, especially for giftees who have everything; you can be fairly well assured they will not have their own knitted moustache (nor would they ever have thought they needed one!).

but before you dismiss all this as a bunch of funny distraction, consider this—a knitter recently told me that she knit all the men in her family beards for christmas and not only did they love them, they would not take them off. you just never know.

(i gotta wonder though, what these models will think of this photo in ten or twenty years?)

or these mug shots.

vickie eames works in the theatre (no surprise there, hehe) but is obsessed by knitting facial hair and disguises, which she offers both instructions via the book for DYI enthusiasts, but also ready to wear version in her etsy shop, wife of brian (for all your facial hair needs) or her folksy shop by the same name.

let’s look at just a few of the options—you’ll be aMAZed at what the author has come up with. i’m pretty sure that a whole bunch of my nieces and nephews would want some of these disguises.

the groucho-on-a-stick is a complete set of nose, eyebrows, moustaches, and eyeglasses in one piece; you could totally whip that out at a meeting and blow everyone’s mind.

which might cause your boss to send you for some sessions with the company shrink.

or even to the HR director to be reprimanded.

who knows, you could get yourself fired over such a thing and then you’d be free to grow a full complement of facial hair, hang out in coffee shops all day, and take up smoking—or maybe get work on a tramp steamer.

you’s end up in all manner of exotic places where people—including you—are free to wear their hair any way they want. why, you could end up living the life of brian.

and you thought this was going to be another ho-hum memorial weekend post.

(i love that the book’s commitment to the cause extends right down to the endpapers)

if you or someone you know would love this book, you can buy one here or here (for UK buyers)

sterling publishing, the U.S. representative, is making one copy of knit your own mustache available for giveaway to one lucky reader. if you’d like to win it and knit your very own facial hair or other disguise, please leave a comment at the end of this post by 9 pm EDST on wednesday, may 29th, 2013. we’ll pull a winner shortly after and let you know who the lucky recipient is.

80 thoughts on “need a good cover?

  1. Oh, how much fun could one have with this book!!! Thanks for sharing the review. I would love to win a copy.

  2. My daughter and her friends love to put on mustaches and head out on the town! What fun it would be to knit them a new supply! Looks like a book any knitter would love to own.

  3. It was so nice to see you at the Great Lakes Fiber show on Sunday, Anne. And, I’d love the book too!

  4. Incredible book concept! I knit my sister and her three children finger tubes with moustaches knit into them for Christmas – yes they really enjoyed them!
    Sure I would have fun making more!
    Thanks for the contest.

  5. I’de love to say I would love this – but mostly I just love looking (and laughing) at it. Don’t pick me – but thanks for the look at this charming and funny and creative collection. LOLOLOL

  6. I don’t get it, but my daughters (11 and 8 years old) would. For some reason moustache jewelry (and other accessories) is very popular with their generation. I’d love to win this so they could knit their own moustaches.

  7. What a hoot!! My son would put me away for the rest of my life…but it sure would be worth the effort of knitting him a moustache! LOL

  8. I think Susie Q needs a copy of this…think of all the party possibilities!!!

  9. I would ADORE having this unique and fun book!
    PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!
    If you saw my family you’d understand.

  10. What a hoot! I can just see my nieces and nephews having great fun with these!

  11. I love this! When I went through chemo I knit myself Cat Bordhi’s anemone hat stating if I couldn’t have my own hair, I could knit myself a head of purple hair. I needed to face it with humor to get to the other side. I could see these fitting a similar purpose. And I simply want that full beard. LOL!

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