how can i serve you?

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well, yesterday was a whirlwind of dinner preparations and then a tornado of serving and eating, once the family and guests arrived. we spent the morning prepping the last of the dishes to be served, cooking what we could ahead of time, and getting the turkey in the oven.

by noon, the table was set and my mom was off to take communion to the nursing home, so i took a few shots during the pre-dinner peace and quiet

all over the kitchen, bowls lined up ready for arrangements of shrimp cocktail, serving dishes lined up to receive vegetables and other side dishes

and anticipation was building toward the big moment.

we had a short lull when everything that could be done was done and the guests had not arrived yet, so we sat down to knit for an hour or so

wednesday night i got my red scarf a little past the halfway point at around 34 inches. it’s posed here atop an afghan that my mom uncovered recently when foraging in her cedar chest. it’s a beauty—knit in strips of various patterns. she usually doesn’t knit with wool, but she says she got the yarn for 25 cents a skein, so she couldn’t pass that up.

this was the last of the quiet moments of the day—once the guests and the kids arrived, it got too chaotic (and dark) to take pictures, really. anika brought her “gratitude journal” which she wrote and illustrated in school (first grade) and arjun brought a star wars DVD to watch with “mr. uncle david” and the star wars encyclopedia we gave him for his birthday. they were completely entertaining for all of us to be with.

hours of eating, drinking, and cleanup later (honestly, i was amazed that we were able to return the house to its normal state), we finally collapsed into our chairs for a little TV and some more knitting.

i juuuust about finished my scarf up, but not quite—by midnight, i couldn’t keep my eyes open any more, no matter how much i wanted to finish it. it’s 58 inches now and i have just that one last ball of red yarn to go, so i think i’ll knit til it’s gone. today it will be done for sure . . .

if you’d like to join us over at ravelry for the red scarf emergency KAL, click here to see the details and join the fun. THANK YOU to all who have signed up and got clicking and to the generous yarnies that have offered prizes; your support is SO appreciated.

tomorrow, i’ll be bringing a trunk show to trumpet hill yarn shop from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm; please stop by if you are in the area to say hi and browse their selection of beautiful yarns. i don’t know if my mom will come along, but david will be there, too and we look forward to seeing you then!

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  1. Hi Anne, Happy Thanksgiving!! I got internet service down here in Mexico! Kade found a seahorse in the surf and caught him in a bucket (returned him to his family of course after we all got to look). Everything is fine, and I’m doing okay. Just thought I’d say hi.

  2. You’re absolutely lovely photos of the table reminded me of when I went to a friend’s sister’s for Christmas dinner a couple of years ago, and the meal was served on styrofoam take out containers. Now I like this person, but there’s really nothing like china once or twice a year. Thanks for the photos! Wendy

  3. I’ve put out the word in some of my Rav boards and on facebook. Heck, I even called my aunt (who hasn’t knitted in years) to enlist help for the red scarf project. I’m hoping I can get at least two done. Thanks for your help in putting the word out!

  4. Such a spread and a beautiful table to gather around! You are truly blessed! Since it was just DH and I this year and he had to work all day, we spatchcocked a Cornish hen, whipped up some Stove Top, and chopped a quick salad. Dinner was on the table in less than 15 minutes but it sure was good!

    I don’t have a digital camera so I won’t be able to take part in your red scarf contest. But I’m planning to make one…hopefully two if I get the time…anyway. Thanks for letting us know about the project and the urgent need.

  5. good morning anne!
    i have just stumbled upon your blog in search of a nice little pattern for a cowl that i’d love to make for a friend living in antarctica. your red scarf is so perfect and clean that i was wondering if you’d be willing to share the pattern? my hopes are the result of the red scarf type pattern and the ‘poinsettia’ shape, maybe a bit longer so it can be pulled up over her head as a hood, too. thank you for your posts, they are very pleasant readings! cheers to a lovely day of ‘scarfing’ for the red scarf project!

  6. Wow, that sounds like a great dinner party! Knitting does help to relax after a busy day. I think I will not be able to sleep if I don’t knit a few rows.

  7. Love the shots of the the table and china etc. I have a thing about nice china/glassware etc probably a hangover from the time I worked in a really smart country house hotel.

    It sounds as if you had a lovely family day and also managed to get some knitting in. It’s so nice to see your mother’s afghan on show.

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