Squish Me Into Fall

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Happy first day of Fall! Are you enjoying the day with a cup of festive hot tea and a crisp apple? Are you baking, canning or  roasting veggies? Or maybe taking a nice stroll through the neighborhood enjoying the sights of a new season? Or are you looking for a way  to celebrate? What better way to celebrate the start of a new season than to cast on a hat! And we have stocked the shop with brand new Squish Me Kits.


The kit includes one skein of Kent DK, our romney/merino blend in colorway Beach Glass,


and the pattern for Squish Me,


a slouchy hat with a welted pattern that expands and contracts to give the piece luscious, cozy volume. The deep knit/purl texture gives body and definition to soft, luxury yarn blends, encouraging the hat to collapse into soft folds. Easy to work stitches and a simple, one-piece circular construction make this a great option for last minute gift knitting—one that travels well and is suitable for any age or gender.

The pattern includes four sizes (XS/S/M/L) and the kit includes 1 skein of Kent DK , enough to knit any size you choose! Sarah was happy to model her hat for David.


Since her mother Anne knit Squish Me for Sarah, she has rarely left the house without it. She told us everywhere she wears it guys and girls both ask her where she bought it. She tells them her mom made it and their response always is, “can your mom make me one?”


I know Sarah is itching to learn to knit and a lot of her friends are too. Who knows!? We may see lots of Knitspot hats out and about in Ohio. And as the style watchers tell us…hats of ANY kind are super trendy this Fall.

So start digging through your needle stash and put those hat needles on the top of the pile! It’s time to get your hat knitting on! We have a lot more surprises in store; keep an eye on the shop for new limited edition kits!

If you need a tasty way to celebrate today, head to your local orchard or farmers market! We bundled up early this morning and drove to Franklin Cider Mill

cidermill web

pumpkins web

and drank hot apple cider with steaming hot donuts.

1st donut2 web

Great way to kickoff this crisp, sunny Fall Michigan day! What are your Fall traditions as the weather starts to change?

10 thoughts on “Squish Me Into Fall

  1. Yikes! What a surprise to see the Franklin Cider Mill on your website! I live in Portland, Oregon now (since 1985) but I grew up down the street from the Franklin Cider Mill. I have the fondest memories of what we called the Franklin Fair on Labor Day and eating cider and donuts from the cider mill. We used to go there on school field trips. Thanks for posting this and bringing me happy memories! Our family spent many, many years going to the cider mill and shopping in quaint Franklin.

  2. Four sales based posts in a row seems like a lot. I know knitspot is a business and the blog is in support of the business, but I miss the warm and honest voice of Anne after all these posts promoting classes, yarns, patterns, and other items strictly for sale. Hopefully she’s off camera knitting up a storm and wrangling a reno that we will get to peek into soon 🙂

  3. Love that this hat is sized! Your photos of pumpkins and cider look so autumnal. Other than the week of monsoons, our weather has been like summer. Since you and Padraig both had on hats, I assume it was chilly! The pumpkins just scream autumn and change in the air.

  4. I love your matching hats!

    Was I dreaming it or did Anne have a Squish Me cowl when you were at Watkins Glen? I thought that is what was suggested for my Kent DK but don’t find a pattern for it.

  5. I love this hat, I already knit one for me, ready for colder days. I’m about to cast on another for a friend who tells me she cannot wear anything with wool!! So I’m afraid it’s in acrylic yarn – ugh! But the hat will still hopefully look good!

  6. So cool to see my favorite cider mill. Haven’t been there yet this year, but as soon as the kids have a non-weekend day off we’ll make the trip.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. Great hat pattern! Majordomo, it’s always nice to catch up with you and your family. Baby knitspot is SO BIG!

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