Breakfast Blend is Restocked!

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BB_new_sc_lo web

Breakfast Blend shelves are stocked and full of color options, just like farmers market stands at morning’s open! And…if that wasn’t enough…we have NEW colors too!

We released this yarn in January, as our 1st Bare Naked Wools (see original post here), and some of the colors sold out super fast. It took us awhile to restock because we had to source a new mill that could keep up with the demand all of you have for natural fibers. Alas, we found a marriage! We have collaborated with Sweitzers Fiber Mill and they have created a beautiful yarn for us.

Without further ado, I introduce the colors of our alpaca/merino blend available in DK.

Bakery Rye

BB_DK_bakery_rye_lo web

Cream n Sugar

BB_DK_cream_n_sugar_lo web

Morning Smoke

BB_DK_morning_glory_lo web


BB_DK_oatmeal_lo web


espressoDK web

and we have Fingering in Bakery Rye, Burnt Toast, Cocoa, Cream n Sugar, Espresso, Morning Smoke and Oatmeal here.

With all of these options, I think a colorwork accessory is in my future. How about you? I’m thinking a striped version of Sculling in Fingering,


since the stitch pattern has visible breaks for color. Or to have a more dramatic cozy look I could knit it in DK.

Or a two-color version of Tabata?


You could do the cuffs and earwarmer in one color of DK and the body of the mitts in another. This could be done to lots of Anne’s hat patterns too.

Sparrow Song


and Feather and Fan Stole

DSC_1149_2 web

would also be cuddly and versatile accessories for the Fall!

This time of year, especially with the morning today being rainy and dreary, it really makes me dream of a sweater.

Bloch Ness in DK


or Sprössling in Fingering.


Isn’t the closeup fabric and stitch definition gorgeous? Anne has lots more sweater patterns here, and we have sweater quantities of all the colors in both weights ready to ship.

I have been in love with Breakfast Blend from the moment Anne handed me the first skein at the mill. My first knit with it was Squeeze Me infinity cowl and people that see me frequently know this is my go-to handknit. It goes with everything!

IMG_4402 web

And thanks to my cousin Mary I finally have a picture of it. After modeling, she didn’t want to give it back. Haha

If you’re looking for more inspiration for this yarn, check out what patterns people are using on ravelry with Fingering here and DK here. And you’ll get lots more ideas from people by following our other social sites! Please join the BNWs ravelry group here, like our Facebook page here, and follow us on twitter here. I’ll be posting lots of pictures the next week as Anne and I travel to Rhinebeck. You’ll also want to see what happens at the after party

4 thoughts on “Breakfast Blend is Restocked!

  1. And what is the yarn (and what color is it) used for the sweater your blonde model is wearing, in the top photo? Yes, give me a thousand choices, and I always have to look at number 1001. . .

  2. Can’t wait to get my breakfast blend. Looks like a dream to knit with. ALSO–the sweater in the first picture on the woman holding the tub of yarn is beautiful. Is it a hand knit? Can you pass along the pattern name?
    Wish I could join you in Rhinebeck. Maybe next year I can make the cross-country trip! It’s at the top of my list.

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