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wow, you all sure love a good orange! of course, this delectable dye dreams classy sox colorway will inspire that kind of enthusiasmÔÇö338 comments which included hundreds of suggested names (thank you everyone!).

it took me a little while to pare them all down to a shortlist (i read each and every one several times) and there were several that it pained me to leave out. i looked for unique and catchy names that are on the short side, which roll easily off the tongue. in cases where more than one person suggested the same name, i picked the one whose comment appears first.

here are five contenders that represent the whole array fairly well. cast your vote and join the fun. voting closes at 12 midnight EST on thursday, january 31st, 2009. we will tally up the results and announce the winner on friday, january 1.

Voting has now been closed; thank you everyone who voted!
you can view the final results of the poll by clicking here

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7 thoughts on “cast your vote for orange

  1. Anne,
    Thank you for a year of fabulous blog posts. Reading your posts were always the highlight of my day. i think that the incredible enthusiasm about this voting contest is a reflection of how much you are appreciated by so many others.

    I am in awe of your talent, your positive energy and work ethic. Many times I wanted to leave a comment but did not because I did not want you to spend time responding to it.

    Wishing you joy and peace.

  2. Holy cow! those are some amazing names. Really, though, it has to be A Sockwork Orange that is just too clever and perfect.

    Happy new year!

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